Game Over: Feminist Child-Sex Advocate Alison Rapp Fired from Nintendo!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2016


Game over, slut!

Current Year truly is the best year ever.

Each morning I wake up to see more victories of the forces of light over the forces of darkness.

Today, I wake up to find that Nintendo feminist Alison Rapp has been fired due to her support for child pornography and sex with small children.


This was, not in small part, due to The Daily Stormer’s activism against this pervert.

The article I wrote comes up first when you Google “Alison Rapp,” followed by a devastating post on Medium and a Daily Mirror piece on how child rights activist groups were calling for Nintendo to fire her.

alison rapp google results

Just a bit of background here: Rapp published a paper in college about how child porn was a part of Japanese culture and shouldn’t be banned. For those who don’t know, this is not just “jailbait” porn with girls who are sexually developed but not yet 18 – some of it is with five and six year olds.

From the Medium piece (which led me to write my article):

Despite lax standards for sexual morality, pedophilia is still regarded as monstrously predatory for reasons which should be apparent. Radical feminist Alison Rapp has a very unique perspective on the issue. She argues not only for the legalization of child pornography, but also for more lax consent laws between children and adults.

According to her LinkedIn profile and as stated on her twitter, Ms. Rapp is a “Product Marketing Specialist at Nintendo of America” specializing in “Public Relations and Communications” and is responsible for the marketing of several games for the company. She has been extremely vocal on cultural criticism of manga and gaming which she examines through an “academic” lense. While injecting progressive views in analysis of gaming and comic book culture has been a high point of controversy, more troubling is her attitude towards children and sexuality.

At the Japan Studies Association Conference in Honolulu in 2012, Ms. Rapp presented Speech We Hate:…Anti-Child Pornography Laws; a thesis which outlined objections towards laws enacting against child pornography. Her piece can be boiled down to three points; that the consequences of consuming media containing child pornography are exaggerated, that child pornography constitutes free speech, and that Japan’s laws are a byproduct of cultural imperialism from the West. What her arguments do not address is the rewarding of child rape necessitated in making such media, and in fact suggest child adult relations are only a matter of cultural norms.

We are being blamed all over Twitter for taking her down.

The Kotaku article mourning the horrible abuses of this innocent feminist mentions us:

A commenter on the Neo Nazi and white supremacist website The Daily Stormer, for example, published an extensive list of contact information for different Nintendo executives, encouraging people to report Rapp and ask for her firing.

It might have worked.

New York Magazine also blamed us:

These nuances were lost, perhaps willfully, on a group of Gamergaters and their allies, who quickly used the thesis and various old tweets of Rapp’s to launch a campaign to tar her as a defender of child pornography — a campaign that extended to lovely corners of the internet like The Daily Stormer. The anti-Rapp crusaders were helped along when Jamie Walton, who runs an anti-sex-trafficking organization she co-founded with the filmmaker Kevin Smith, decided to ask via Twitter why Rapp hadn’t been fired (Walton has also beefed with another famous Gamergate target, the game developer Brianna Wu).

They called our victory “disgraceful,” suggesting that the journalist, the Jew Jesse Singal, believes child sex is “graceful.”

This Looks Like A Disgraceful Gamergate ‘Win’ -- Following: How We Live Online

Das rite.

jew Jesse-Singal-Examining-Human-Sexuality-640x480

Jesse Singal: roflmao Der Sturmer caricature.

Please go ahead and send Jesse a tweet – @jessesingal – and ask him to clarify his views on sex with little kids. Ask him if he agrees with the Talmudic view of the issue.

Nintendo has released a statement saying they fired her because she had a second job. But it’s pretty obvious they fired her because people were flipping-out she was a child-sex advocate. Beyond writing the paper, she had much more recently spent time tweeting about child sex.

Apparently, she gets off on this, probably because she herself was involved in a sexual relationship with an adult. She takes weird pictures where she tries to look like a child.

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Rapp was also an extreme feminist, pushing all of the gobbledygook pushed by Sarkeesian, Quinn, Wu and the rest of the anti-Gamergate rouge’s gallery. These views are also often associated with child-abuse victims.

Twitter Rampage: “I’m Such a Victim!!!!”

Rapp went on a Twitter rampage following her termination last night, whining about what a poor victim she is and how her life is now destroyed (please note that she is right about one of these things).

She’s asking people on Twitter to find her a job:


“Make sure any potential employer knows I’m a child sex advocate, so this exact same thing doesn’t happen again.”

She then says it’s the whole system that’s wrong.


She then goes into the outrageous abuses she suffered at the hands of her patriarchal Jap overlords.


That’s when we published the article on her pedo views. Continuing with the suffering she suffered –


She then responds to Nintendo’s claim that her “moonlighting” (second job) was the reason for her getting fired.


What’s more, this poor victim of the patriarchy has health problems! And the Nazis are taking her healthcare!

Can you imagine the victimization level here – it’s OVER 9000!


Finally, she went to sleep with a message of hope for the future of feminism and weird sexual perversion in the video game industry.


Feel free to tweet her and gloat hard – @alisonrapp.

The Sweet, Sweet Taste of Glorious Victory

Alison Rapp is not an especially relevant individual in any sense, however, her demise is extremely relevant.

We won.

We did to one of their’s what they’ve been doing to ours for over a decade now. We got the bitch fired. Not only fired, but fired under circumstances which will prevent her from ever getting another professional job in her industry. In fact, she is going to have a hard time getting a job at 7-Eleven – “uh, yeah, sorry, we Googled you and saw you’re a child sex advocate.”

Just like what happens to “racists.”

game over


It wasn’t just us, of course. We must also acknowledge the great works of our Gamergate comrades. Though there is now so much overlap between our movements, they basically are “us.”

But it was weev who got this thing seriously rolling, and you lads who took the initiative to contact Nintendo.

So, take a bow all.

There’s going to be a whole lot more of this sort of thing going on.

We’re taking over.

Our enemies’ surrender will be unconditional.


Hail Victory.