Gallant English Loicense Enforcers Cavalry Charge Into Wantonly Unloicensed Brown Supremacist Mob

These green traffic cone vests aren’t doing it for me.

They should have these guys using full platemail, and chain skirts on the horses. Maybe with more modern materials, but there is definitely a classical element of shock and awe missing from this scene. And it would be safer for the police and the horses.

Still, it’s good that they did this. It’s not clear to me exactly how things work over there, but I assume that those brown people and commie scum didn’t have enough loicenses.

Can’t have that, no sir.


Fresh footage from London shows protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement becoming chaotic and dangerous, with police officers on horseback charging at protesters, who take to assaulting the animals.

People are seen running from the officers and throwing bottles, sticks, and even flares at them while the police charge forward.

At one point, a mounted female officer fell off her horse, ending up in hospital with injuries.

Her injuries were “not life-threatening,” the Metropolitan Police said in a statement, adding it would investigate the circumstances of the incident.

This is a pretty stupid statement for someone who falls on their back – one wonders if she’s paralyzed. This is not a job for women, and it’s legitimately abusive to women to let them put themselves in these situations just because they are so disconnected from reality that they think they can do it.

We know better, and not stopping them is mean. They get hurt.

Other videos show a horse breaking loose from the officers, creating a scene of chaos among the protesters. It’s unclear if that is the same animal from which the officer fell.

“The horse made its own way back to the nearby stables,” the police added.

Separatevideos show the horses being assaulted by demonstrators, with one even having a bicycle launched at it.

A perimeter was then set up to keep protesters away from the entrance to Downing Street, where the prime minister’s residence is located.

Things seemed to calm down not long after, as protesters turned to chanting slogans including “Boris Johnson is a racist” and “We are one.”

A total of ten officers were injured in Saturday’s events, while 14 protesters have been taken into custody, the police said. It is possible that number might be greater as the night goes on, however.

This is a tired point, and these brown people are still going to demand everything they can possibly get, no matter how many times I make it; but still, I’m going to do it: if the UK is so racist, why don’t they just leave?

Those people were not brought there in slave ships. They are all recent arrivals, and they or their parents made the conscious decision to leave their third world shitholes and move to the UK.

There is a reasonable argument that African-Americans have an excuse to be loitering around, because they were brought to America and can’t really go back. These “Black British” all have families in their home countries and could easily pack up and go.

Obviously, this is not even about that, these people just see black riots on television and they want to imitate the Americans. Because everyone wants to be like America, because that is allegedly where things happen, and everyone wants to be in the happenings. But if it was about that, then basically, Britons don’t owe them anything, and if they don’t like it, they can all piss off back to whereveristan.

Simple as.