Gaining Weight from Age 25 to 47 Increases Chances of Early Death from Any Cause by 22%

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2019

I want Greta Thunberg to yell “UNITE BEHIND THE SCIENCE!” to the “healthy at any size” crowd and get into fist fights with plus-size models.

Daily Mail:

Obese adults who do not cut to a healthy body weight by middle age are increasing their risk of dying young by more than a fifth, a study has warned.

Scientists from Huazhong University, China, found that gaining weight between the age of 25 and 47 hikes the chances of an early death from any cause by 22 per cent.

And continuing to pile on the pounds past your 40s raises the likelihood of dying prematurely even further.

But Dr Chen Chen and his co-authors also found that those who drop from an obese to a healthy BMI after hitting middle age still have a 30 per cent higher chance of early death.

Their study, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), analysed data for 36,051 US citizens who were 40 or over.

Gaining excess weight is detrimental to people’s health, and apparently the damage can’t be totally offset if the weight is dropped after hitting middle age.

How many more studies on fatness and obesity have to be done in order for our countries to start treating overweight people as drug addicts on a clear self-harming path?

What else do they need in order to UNITE BEHIND THE SCIENCE and declare obese parents with obese kids child abusers?

How many more people have to die?

Overall, being obese during the entirety of adult life carried the biggest risks – with up to a 72 per cent increased danger of dying young.

People who lost weight and went from being obese to a healthy weight over the same period had no increased risk.

However, the same was not true for people who lost weight when they were older.

Those who moved from being obese to a healthy weight between middle age and later in life had a 30 per cent increased risk of dying early from any cause and a 48 per cent increased risk from heart disease.

Remember that Mr. Anglin’s nutrition and fitness advice is at your disposal.

The authors concluded: ‘Stable obesity across adulthood, weight gain from young to middle adulthood, and weight loss from middle to late adulthood were associated with increased risks of mortality.

The findings imply that maintaining normal weight across adulthood, especially preventing weight gain in early adulthood, is important for preventing premature deaths in later life.’

Yeah, but it doesn’t matter. If people stopped eating addictive “food” products, the Economy would suffer and in America, we don’t do things that are bad for the Economy.

Here in America, we sacrifice people’s health for the Economy and we even sacrifice the future of Americans themselves for the Economy.

Everyone wants to live here in America.

We are the best.