Gah! My Childhood Weatherman was Arrested for Child Pornography! Let This be a Lesson!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 6, 2019

I won’t believe that Mike is guilty until he is proven guilty in a court of law.

But the evidence is mounting.


10TV Chief Meteorologist Mike Davis has been charged with pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor.

Davis was arrested at his home Thursday morning and is currently being held in the Franklin County Jail. Investigators said he was cooperative but could not provide specifics what Davis said.

Investigators with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force said that they received a tip and had been investigating for weeks.

Three law enforcement officials have told 10TV News that investigators were looking into thousands of images that date back years.

Chief Deputy Rick Minerd would not say how many images were involved but would only say the figure was “significant” and “more than one.”

Members of the ICAC task force served a search warrant on Davis’ home Thursday morning seeking electronic devices including computers, laptops and tablets.

After searching Davis’ home, authorities came to WBNS and seized Davis’ personal laptop and four thumb drives from his bag.

“Once these cases really rise to the level of search warrant or arrest warrant, for the most part, we have established a pattern of behavior,” Chief Deputy Minerd said in a news conference Thursday afternoon.

Authorities allege Davis both sent and received images.

According to Franklin County court records, one of the images recovered by law enforcement includes a prepubescent girl engaged in a sex act.

“These are sensitive cases and obviously when we see somebody of this stature in the community who is as well-known as Mike is, we treat these carefully – we know the impact it’s going to have in the community. That people are shocked. But it’s a reminder that these types of cases span across all professions,” Chief Minerd said in Thursday’s briefing.

He added, “We’ve arrested clergyman, we’ve arrested cops, folks in the media we’ve arrested everybody. I think it’s a reminder to the community of how dangerous the internet is and how we need to protect our children.”

Davis is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday, September 6.

We reached out to Davis’ attorney for comment. Through the jail, Davis declined an interview request with 10TV.

Mike Davis has been employed at 10TV for 31 years. We will cover this story with the same ethical standards we would any other case.

They do seem to be arresting everybody for this.

So what is the thing?

Well, these people are not actually child molesters. My dear childhood weatherman cannot possibly be such a figure. In actual fact, they are simply wankers, jacking off nonstop to pornography.

Pornography works like a drug. At first, you get really excited over basic nude photography. Then you need HD videos of penetration acts. Then you’re moving on to BDSM videos to get the same buzz. And then eventually, after however many steps, you’re hunting down child pornography videos, just to get the same dopamine rush that you’d originally gotten from nude photography.

It’s what we call the slippery slope.

I realize that most people who become addicted to pornography will probably be intelligent enough to skip going to child pornography, because people understand that you can do years in prison for this. Nonetheless, the fact that so many people do end up spiraling into child porn is enough reason to avoid porn completely, and I think is enough reason to ban it completely.

If we take the slippery slope argument, then if pornography would have been banned already, then instead of getting arrested for child pornography, Mike Davis would be getting arrested for regular pornography, as that would be the stage that you get arrested at.

Mike, Mike, Mike… you took your jerking much too far.

And no one will remember you for anything other than a child pornographer. Until you die, that is how every single person around you is going to think of you, after 30 years of being a beloved local celebrity.

Let this be a warning to all of you: stay away from pornography.

Not even once.

If you start jerking it, then you are already on the road to becoming the next Mike Davis.