Gaggle of Subhuman Filth Rallies Around Ugly Curry-Negress Sarah Sahim as She Flees the Troll Army

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2015

Sarah Sahim: Fat Beauty of the East
Sarah Sahim: Fat, Weasel-Like Curry-Stench Beauty of the East

Sarah Sahim thought she could openly insult the White race, while living in our lands, and get away with it with no consequences.  When she realized there were consequences – that is, people will complain, and stand up for their right to be White – she fled in terror and attempted to shut down her internet presence.

But that doesn’t work.

After I wrote a response to her article in Pitchfork condemning the White race as evil and oppressive, and demanding that we change our subcultures in order to make them more comfortable for invasive immigrant populations, some of our readers decided to let her know what they think of these attacks on our society and identity.  She then fled, making private her Twitter account, and I called for people to continue to voice their opinions to her.

She then changed her Twitter handle from @sahizzurp to @sexgirlpatrol_, then to (presently held) @dudecooldad, apparently thinking that this would hide her Twitter presence from the Troll Army, but no dice.  In order to hide herself she would have to make a new account with a new email, but as we know her circle of friends we will have no trouble relocating her.

We aren't detectives, wench.  It is clear from your original profile what you've done.
We aren’t detectives, stink-wench. It is clear from your original profile what you’ve done.

I want to note how bizarre it is that she changed her handle first to something to do with sex, then to something to do with her father, and note that unlike White men, Hindu/Paki men are known for having sex with their own daughters, and this tends to be a deep-rooted part of Paki female psychology.

The real question here is, why is she fleeing?  What does she have to flee from?  She is the one who came out and attacked the White race, repeatedly on her Twitter and then in an op-ed on the internet’s number one music site.  All we have done is respond to her abuse – and yet somehow we are deemed villainous “harassers” while she is making herself out to be a victim.

Framing this as “harassment” is nonsensical.  She has made the decision to become a public person and voice political views publicly.  I disagree with these views, find them vile and offensive, and dangerous to my own people, an attack on my identity – an identity I share with those I care about.

Again, I want to make it clear that this particular curry Negress is not relevant as an individual, but is relevant as a representative of an agenda against our people by a group (multiple groups, but I view them as basically the same thing) which has invaded our nations and then began actively trying to destroy us.

In one of her Tweets she said that she would like to remove all Whites from the UK (specifically, she said she would deport the to Ireland).  Obviously, without Whites, the UK would very, very quickly turn into a third world cesspit.  This begs the question: if you don’t want to live around Whites, why did you come to our country?  Why did you not simply stay in your own country, where there are no Whites to oppress you?

It’s a lovely country, India.

india-photos-72 india-photos-53 india-photos-48 india-photos-26 india-photos-24 india-photos-23 india-photos-19 india-photos-08 india-photos-06 india-photos-05

Why would you leave this beautiful and prosperous place simply to be oppressed by Whites who don’t have enough colored people in their musical bands and want to believe that White women are beautiful?

And most importantly, Madam Sahim: why are you unwilling to answer these questions?  Why do you flee instead of responding to our inquiries?  If your position is valid, than surely you can stand and defend it, rather than scurrying off like a rat to hide in a gutter from the broom of a human.

This is the endless pattern of these monkeys: attack Whites, White respond, accuse Whites of hatred, avoid responding to White complaints, claim Whites are tying to murder you out of hatred.

Rinse and repeat.

But the game has changed now.  Because Whites now have a Troll Army.  And we aren’t putting up with this crap anymore.  We’re making a list of SJWs and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or kike.  You’d better not try and genocide us, because the Troll Army is coming to town.

Through searching Tweets made to the new accounts of Sarah Sahim, we are able to see that she is calling for us to be reported to the Twitter authorities and presumably legal authorities as well, while engaging in general attention-whoring and asking for comfort from her fellow victims.

Let’s look at who’s involved, as it should give us an idea of just how pathetic the anti-White movement is.

One stupid friend told her, after she changed her handle, that she would need to change her profile picture to prevent backtracing.


You may ask why this man, “MJ” (@hopeformen), doesn’t stick up for the honor of this fair curry pig, and instead gives her (stupid and wrong) advice on how to flee justice.

Well, the answer would be that he is a bulbous beta-male waste of flesh.

Hahahaha.  We have seen the enemy, and he is an obese faggot.
Hahahaha. We have seen the enemy, and he is an obese faggot.

Another of her e-friends took the opportunity to voice her shame at being White.  Even though she is still an oppressed minority, given that she is a female, she has room to feel guilt over her genetic heritage in the face of a brown person having its feelings hurt.


I wonder what this Sarah (@sarah_etcetera) person looks like?


She describes herself as “Indo-Moroccan Parisienne who likes to think of her tweets as an elaborate cocktail of self-loathing and self-obsession, when they’re actually just depressing.”

Well okay – bitch that sounds about as disgusting as your face looks.

She occupies France, by the way.  Because Whites are evil and oppressive and hateful, but they sure do have a good welfare system, huh porky?

Sarah then received some moral support from a fellow Paki, “vivian on the web” (@perlucidum), who describes himself as “vivian. nonbinary bisexual south indian. seventeen year old college freshman. they/them.”


Here is the face of this invasive monkey sex pervert.

What a valuable enrichment to our culture LOLWTF
What a valuable enrichment to our culture LOL

Here is his top pinned Tweet.


If we “ain’t shit” Haji, then why did you come to our country to feed off of us?  If it offends you to see a White man with a woman, to the point where you feel you must inflict your stench upon them, why not move back to the brown paradise of corpse-filled Indian rivers?  What exactly do you even want from us, pig?

Another monkey from wherever, mensah demary (@mensah4000), bizarrely called on the media outlets which publish this trash to form some type of organization to defend hateful writers from people who disagree with their views.


“It’s not easy moving from a third world hell hole to a White nation and then being given everything for free by Whitey while attacking and trying to destroy his society, identity and culture.  Someone somewhere needs to protect us from people who say things which hurt our feelings.”

He says he lives in Brooklyn, but he's not an American Black.  Even they are less childlike than these whiners.
He says he lives in Brooklyn, but he’s not an American Black. Even they are less childlike than these whiners.

The only human beings involved in the pity-party were, of course, women and faggots.

The only one who has maintained a human form is Alanna McArdle (@alannamcardle_).

Kinda cute, actually.  There's a first for everything, I guess.
Kinda cute, actually. There’s a first for everything, I guess.

Her Tweet was apparently a response to a call from Sahim to report the haters.


She also dug up Stuart Murdock’s original Tweet in response to the hate piece by Sahim.


I hadn’t known that he’d responded, but am happy to see he defended the White race against this invasive monkey.

Homosexualist Devon Torrey Bryant (@Bafflegabs) voiced his support, expressing devotion to the cause of protecting the Paki wench’s feels by reporting those who disagree with her genocidal plot.  He also, bizarrely, referred to us as “evil” for opposing our own extermination (sort of like what the Jews do to the Palestinians).

Devon Torrey Bryant: typical social justice faggot.
Devon Torrey Bryant: typical social justice faggot.

From the bloated slag “Spinster Hermit” (@BrambleAndRose), we see that the curry wench Sahim is claiming someone “hacked” her, which almost certainly is a fantasy she created in order to further the shower of pity which reaffirms her value as an ugly low-IQ monkey living among human beings while purposefully trying to destroy their society.



You’d “like to take a literal shit” on a person?  Wow that is a really vulgar and horrible thing to say.  What sort of a person would say something like that, I wonder?


There are others, all along these same lines.  Look at it – these our our enemies.

This isn’t exactly a difficult battle.  We merely have to face it.

Stand and Fight

Feel free to send some messages – and this article – to any of these horrible enemies of our people, who are occupying our countries while openly waging war against us. Ask them to defend themselves.  Give them that opportunity.  Tell them if they have a logical defense of their program of coming to our countries as aliens and then making demands on us, I will publish it here for the whole of Nazism to see.

They will give you nothing because they have nothing.  These are the faces of evil.  The faces of those who would come upon a people in their own homeland, steal everything from them, and continue to demand more.

And keep sending Sarah Sahim messages to let her know how you feel as well.  Her podcast page is here, and that podcast’s email is

Her Facebook page has already been restricted.

You're just going to start a war with an entire race and then try and run away and hide, Sarah?
You’re just going to start a war with an entire race and then try and run away and hide, Sarah?

You can find more contact information for her here and send her messages here.

Someone should find other email addresses so she is clear on how many people disagree with her genocide plan and how many are willing to stand up and fight for their right to exist.  As soon as her Twitter goes public again, we’ll let you know so you can hit it up.

These people need to know that we are on to them.  That we are going to stand and fight them with a lot more vigor than they are able to muster against us.

Hail Victory.