GAG: NYT Publishes Major Human Interest Piece Saying Israelis Feel Bad About Opening Fire on Protesters

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2018

The damage control machine is in full gear now, isn’t she.

God this makes me sick.

New York Times:

Daniel Rahamim, 63, had four Palestinians from nearby Gaza at his wedding in 1983. He remembers sunbathing on Gaza’s beaches, and drinking tea at a friend’s antique shop there.

But that was long ago — before Hamas, and the wars that traumatized his children, and the security barrier that now fences off the Gaza Strip like an open-air prison.

On Monday, as gunfire echoed across the wheat, sunflower and jojoba fields stretching several hundred yards to the fence, Mr. Rahamim felt conflicting emotions. “When we hear of the dead, it pains us,” he said the next afternoon. “I hope at least that each bullet was justified.”

From the agricultural hamlets with their backs up against Gaza to the busy sidewalks of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and all the way to Israel’s northern borderlands, Israelis grappled in different ways with the staggering casualty reports from the Gaza protest on Monday: 60 killed, more than 1,700 hospitalized, according to Palestinian officials. It was the worst one-day total since the 2014 Gaza war. Israel said that only a small number of those shot had been armed.

That fundamental imbalance — heavily armed soldiers firing on mostly unarmed demonstrators, many of them bent on breaching the fence — elicited responses of defiance or defensiveness in some, shame in others, and a healthy dose of served-them-right in some corners. Others only wanted to celebrate the new American Embassy, which was dedicated in Jerusalem as shots were ringing out in Gaza.

The short-story and screenwriter Etgar Keret, who clicked compulsively on a news site watching in horror as the death toll climbed, said he was taken aback by the responses of his Tel Aviv neighbors when he observed, simply, “What a day.”

Some enthusiastically agreed, assuming he meant the new American Embassy, he said. Others nodded, expressing pride in Israel’s winner of the Eurovision Song Contest.

“I was sure every person I’d meet would have a comment on Gaza, but most of them wanted to talk about Ivanka’s dress,” Mr. Keret said. “I couldn’t help thinking it was some kind of suppression. Because, what can you say?

Yeah – what in the actual fuck can you say after you open fire with live ammo on protesters for no apparent reason other than that you don’t like what they’re protesting about?

It goes on.

You can go read it. But it is what it is – “mixed emotions,” “we feel we have no choice,” “we feel really bad tho,” “what can we do?”

It is full-on damage control.

They are mixing “Israelis feel bad” with “oh but somehow they had no choice.”

These liberal American Jews – the NYT being their flagship mouthpiece – are obsessed with brown people all over the world being the eternal victims which must be coddled like infants, except in one spot, where they have to be mowed down with live ammo for protesting their homes being taken from them by a terrorist army. And that disconnect is so glaringly obvious that they have to do this thing where they are like “oh well yes, it is very sad about these Palestinians, maybe the IDF shouldn’t have murdered so many of them…”

But they will make these careful criticisms, then they will bury the story.

Trump says that there are drug dealers and rapists coming from Mexico, and it has to be mentioned once a day on every cable news show for 3 years. Israel slaughters 60 protesters, and it gets “mixed emotions” coverage for 3 days.

That is the deal.

But I do believe the Israelis crossed a line on Monday, and it is going to be a hard thing to try and throw down the memory hole.

It was a shocking event, to see soldiers just opening fire on a protest like that.

ESPECIALLY when compared to the celebration that was happening miles away.

Jews are losing the world’s sympathy.

It was such a bizarre situation, that we were supposed to believe the most powerful, richest, influential people on earth are also the most victimized. It took a whole lot of energy to sustain such a counterintuitive narrative.