Gaffe Checker Joe Biden Claims 6,114 Soldiers Dead of Corona – Military Claims Only Seven

Joe Biden gaffe checks Donald Trump.

For example, did you know that in July of 2019, Trump read a teleprompter wrong and said “airport” instead of “port”?

How embarrassing, right?

But Joe Biden doesn’t just check gaffes.


In a campaign speech in Michigan focused on manufacturing and union support, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden closed out his remarks Wednesday by reading from a list of US troop fatalities.

Biden told the audience that he carries an updated list with him of the number of troops lost and wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq on the back of his schedule.

After reading several figures of soldiers who had died or been wounded, the former vice president said there had been 6,114 “military Covid deaths” and 118,984 “military Covid [infections].”

Facts First: This is wrong — and not just by a little. Biden overstated the number of military Covid deaths by 6,107 and infections by nearly 79,000. There have been seven deaths in the military due to Covid-19and 40,026 cases as of September 9, according to the Defense Department.

Well, we can’t blame Biden for just making up a random, large number.

After all, that’s what the media does.

Sure, soldiers are by definition theoretically young and healthy, meaning it is technically actually impossible for them to die from coronavirus. BUT, if you don’t make these deaths up, then you’d have to admit that the only people actually dying from this virus are nursing home residents, and the rest of the deaths are just totally fake.

DEAD: 928,000,000,050

INFECTED: 123,000,000,000,000,000,000

But if you admitted that, then people wouldn’t take the virus seriously.

Then, trillions more die.

We have to save lives.