GaetzGate: Gaetz is Okay, I Guess

Frankly, I like Matt Gaetz a lot better now that I know he’s a heterosexual, and that the feds are after him.

I definitely stand with him against the feds, and I don’t care if he has sex with 17 year olds posing as 18 year olds.

He spoke at Trump National Doral in Miami on Friday, saying he was going to gas all the Jews.

No, sorry, I read that wrong – he said he’s going to “fight the deep state.”

The event was “Women for America First” – because of course.

He should have asked that it be retitled “Nubile Teens for America First.” Just, you know, as a joke.

Here’s the full clip (which is still allowed on YouTube, notably).

He’s surely in a lot better form than he was on the Tucker Carlson show just after the scandal broke.

He needs to up the ante.

He should declare a Miami Junta, to compete with the junta in Washington.

I don’t really think he can be expected to get justice after it’s already been revealed that the DOJ and the FBI conspired against him, so his only option is to declare himself the military dictator of Miami and then go full Miami style.

But for real: maybe he will go hardcore after this?

Maybe that he only “adopted” that “black child” as a way to lure teenage girls to his home, and he isn’t actually a weirdo at all?

I’m sure he’s aware of this site, so my message to him is: I’m a lot more interested in what you’re selling now that this scandal has broken. I’m paying attention. Although I didn’t watch the 16 minute speech I embedded in this video, I do play to later, while Sunday driving.

If he makes it through this very obvious “deep state hit” (i.e., setup by the FBI and some Jew tax collector named Greenberg), then he’s gonna be a very interesting figure.

Probably, he won’t make it through this scandal, however.

Note: No, I don’t think the scandal is a setup in a way where he can wiggle out and then look more legit – people who assert things like that are actually stupid, because the fact is, Democrats are too stupid to think up something like that, and Republicans are too stupid for something like that to be necessary anyway. Most Republicans will continue to engage the system, continue to vote, until something much worse than the 2020 stolen election happens.