Gabon Goes Ultra Anal

Men patrol the streets of Gabon looking for the ripe anuses of young boys to ram their penises into.

Gabon is a country in Africa and it is about to get real down and dirty.

I mean they’re going to masturbate in feces.

It is a true mark of civilized men.


Lawmakers in Gabon’s lower house of parliament on Tuesday voted to decriminalise homosexuality, becoming one of the few countries in sub-Saharan Africa to reverse a law that punishes sexual relations between people of the same sex.

Forty-eight members of parliament backed the proposed initiative by the government to revise an article of the 2019 law that criminalised homosexuality. Twenty-four voted against, while 25 others abstained.

“Forty-eight lawmakers have shaken an entire nation and its customs and traditions,” one member of parliament who voted against the revision, told Reuters.

This is presumably influenced by the Trump Administration’s plan to decriminalize homosexuality across the planet. They are offering blacks incentives to ram their penises into each other’s anuses.

Trump got this idea from the same people who brought him the idea of mass “legal” immigration: the Koch Brothers’ group Turning Point USA, which has gained extreme influence in the administration under the pretext that they’ll turn out the youth vote.

The head of TPUSA praised Trump as the true butt-lover after Botswana legalized man-on-man anal with his now infamous “BOOM – right up your black ass!” tweet.

He hasn’t tweeted a “BOOM” for Gabon, because I think he got the message that conservatives are not keen on forcing blacks to sodomize each other.

Basically, the system’s entire project following the Obama Administration was to turn the Democrat Party into something like the British Labour Party, which is effectively just a communist party, and turn the GOP into a party that was akin to Obama-era Democrats.

Remember that Jeb Bush was supposed to be the Republican nominee, and he was openly promoting mass race-replacement.

We saw that the Bill Clinton advisor James Carville came out a few months ago and whined that the Democrats were turning into the British Labour Party. He would be comfortable in the new GOP they’re planning.

In this scenario, the Democrats would be able to push things much further, while the whites who currently vote for the GOP but don’t think it is far enough right on many issues wouldn’t have any choice but to keep voting for them, because they would give nods to the Second Amendment or the right to life or whatever, while supporting every other 90s and 00s Democrat position.

Trump did throw a serious wrench in the works, holding off the GOP’s transformation, but he’s allowed people like Charlie Kirk to come in and continue to push forward with that agenda. It’s really just unbelievable that Trump got elected on stopping all immigration, both illegal and legal, and rounding up and deporting tens of millions of people who are already here, and then he allowed in Charlie Kirk, who is possibly one of the most radically pro-immigration figures in all of politics. Kirk some months ago called for 50 million immigrants to be brought in over a period of 10 years.

Ultimately, Trump didn’t know what he was doing and the party was already all geared up for this transformation. There was no infrastructure for the Trump agenda, there was no support in the Senate or anywhere in Washington at all, so instead we just got a bunch of weird flailing around, and nothing happened.

It’s discouraging, but looking at it now, it’s obvious that nothing else could have happened. Trump apparently thought these people were just stupid, but they’re not stupid, they’re malicious. They can all see how popular the 2016 Trump agenda is, and every politician knows that if he gets on board with that agenda, he’d become extremely popular. But none of them have, because they are all bought and paid for shills who would rather promote anal sex in Africa than lift a finger to do a single thing for the people who elected them.