Furry Fired From NASA Unleashes Righteous Revenge on Boomer Spacedad

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 26, 2018

I’ve got a story for you.

You’ll have trouble believing it’s real, but I assure you, this all happened.

A transgender furry – dude who dresses up like a cartoon animal and has sex that way too – got a NASA internship. He took to Twitter to celebrate, in a profanity-laden online victory dance. In the process, he/she/xir attracted the ire of a NASA engineer who showed up in his thread to tell him to mind his/her/zer tone.

The furry gets doxed and denied the internship. At which point, the furry turns right around and starts blaming the NASA guy. The engineer back-tracks and says he’s not even a part of the hiring process.

Then he decides to defend the furry and get zer a different internship. But it’s too late. The online harassment campaign is in full swing. He is bullied off Twitter and exiled from the internet.


Someone should make a sitcom or a play out of this. It’s side-crushingly funny. A famous astronaut getting kicked off the Internet by a mob of online SJW furries. Reality is becoming more absurd than the plot of the most avante-guard experimental play.

And trannies are in the news quite a bit nowadays.

I never thought that they’d gain so much traction, but here we are. As Chinese Communist agents on /pol/ have alleged, even Alex Jones is into tranny shit, apparently.

But I don’t believe it. Alex Jones told us on multiple occasions that he doesn’t suck ding-dongs… yet.

This is all to say that the engineer should not have been such a bigot. He should have sucked the tranny’s dick like he was supposed to if he didn’t want to be harassed.


So, this Boomer spacedad – who hasn’t been fired yet – well, he also deserves to be lampooned, doesn’t he?

He tried to pull the whole, “watch your language, missy!” shtick and language-police someone to feel good about himself. Boomers will always do this shit. This one time a Boomer even told me point-blank, “you’re a good writer Roy, but you’re never going to get any real readership by using all that profanity.”

My poker face. 

I told him I would think about it.

But, I do find it rich that profanity is what the Boomers get so worked up about. All of them. And I understand that it’s not pleasant to have people around you swearing all the time. I try not to do it much IRL with my friends. But of all the things to draw the line in the sand over, this is definitely a weird one.

What about niggers? What about trannies? What about furry trannies?
Anyways, Spacedad then goes on to cave, and tries to find the furry another internship. Because that’s trad, right? Getting upset about foul language, and looking the other way when it comes to a fucking mentally ill tranny trying to get a start in what I thought was a serious industry.
Will this boomer, who has since deleted his blog and his Twitter, learn from the situation?

I highly doubt it.

Boomers are incapable of learning. Growing up in an era where you didn’t even need to know how to read to get a job and a house and two cars, most Boomers just never learned how to think logically either. They are mentally children in that sense. Incapable of connecting the dots and most of them are just faking it at this point. Like, they have no idea what’s going on, but they act like they do.

I met a boomer this year who told me that his teenage grandson was having gender dysmorphia issues and that his mom was taking him to the doctor to fix that.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that his grandson was getting pumped full of estrogen to become a lady-boy as we spoke.

You could see that scenario playing out, right? Grandpa is clueless, so mom just tells him everything is going to be fine and to let doctor Patel do his work.

And then, “surprise Grandpa Boomer! Here’s your tranny mulatto grandson! Aren’t you proud? He’s so well-behaved too! Never swears.”


“C’mere, you little rascal!”


Also, they don’t know how to eat properly with forks and knives. They do all sorts of weird shit with their food. It’s gross and I hate it.