Fun Friday: Joyful Meme Happiness for Pureblooded Specimen

I do extra meme posts all the time now because I’m a traffic whore.

No, not really. I’m not really a traffic whore. Or rather, it’s more complicated than that. I have ideas that I want to share, and I need to bring in the traffic, and the memes bring in the traffic.

So, for all of you who are just here for the memes – check out the rest of the site. Some of it is too serious, but a lot of it is fun, and it is all very informative and will help you on your journey to learn the truth and be set free by it.

I wish the world was as simple as just blindly hating Jews, women, homosexuals, racial minorities, and vaxed taint-bloods. But the fact is, we must all be informed as to WHY we hate all of these groups. That is what the Daily Stormer strives to do: to inform.

But that comes later.

This is an extra memes post, so I don’t pick my pick of the week, because there is only one week in a week.

But I gotta say: this one killed my sides. Slashed ’em up like Jason came at one side and Freddy at the other:

This is no joke: I was collecting these memes last night with my laptop in bed, and I literally rolled around in laughter. Literally almost crushed the cat.

This one really got me too:

That’s from the best meme maker of all time. He just keeps killing it. He’s been killing it for like 40 years, and he just keeps getting better.

Now, your Fun Friday memes.

Please note: these can only be enjoyed by Purebloods. If you are not a pureblood, you should kill yourself, because you will never be pureblooded, and God hates you. No, no, of course I’m joking*.

*Please note: I’m not joking. All of those things are true: you can’t take that vax back out of your body, God hates you, and you should kill yourself.