Full Panic: 28% of Britons Don’t Want Government to Lift Lockdown Until Virus Ceases to Exist

This is what the media does to people, in particular women and fragile womanly men, and it is also why we have to keep spreading actual data.

The worst possible scenario would be the majority of the population demanding an eternal lockdown because everyone’s scared of viruses.

Daily Mail:

More than a quarter of Britons do not want coronavirus lockdown eased even if the government’s five tests are passed, according to a poll today.

The problem faced by ministers when they do decide the shackles can be loosened have been underlined by signs that the public support for the curbs is entrenched.

Research by YouGov found 28 per cent want the lockdown to stay in full even if the conditions set for starting to return to normal life are met.

Some 22 per cent would like to see more shops open, 11 per cent schools up and running, and a tenth say regions should be released at different times.

Just 4 per cent want the lockdown lifted entirely, according to the survey for the Times.

A separate Ipsos MORI poll yesterday found 70 per cent of the public believed convinced restrictions should not be eased until the deadly disease has been ‘fully contained’.

Support for the restrictions is stronger in the UK than 13 other major economies struggling to cope with outbreaks of the disease, the research found.

Here are some facts about this crisis:

  1. The lockdown doesn’t appear to work, because New York (most extreme lockdown in the world) is worse off than Sweden (no lockdown)
  2. Coronavirus appears to be as dangerous as the flu, according to all available data
  3. Sweden has no lockdown and is about to reach herd immunity in Stockholm
  4. The lockdown isn’t a quarantine
  5. It’s mostly very old people who are dying

Coronavirus is here to stay.

The FEAR path offered by the media leads to mandatory vaccinations, mass surveillance, and everyone living like prisoners, because that’s how governments say that they’re planning to deal with the fake problem.

On the other hand, the FACTS path offered by actual data leads to realizing that we have to treat coronavirus as the flu, and to stop living in fear.

For some reason, the media is focused on promoting the hysteria.

We can assume that the people who own the media are very invested in keeping everyone scared and isolated, presumably because it’s been proven that making people scared of the flu makes it easier to take away their rights and work toward creating a new type of brutal post-social society.