Full-On Collapse: Austria Announces Border Fence

Daily Stormer
November 13, 2015

Oh Austria.

A fence?

Have you forgotten the lampshades?


Woe unto ye… for hath thou forgotten… Beach Boy?


Shengen is officially dead forever. Pretty soon Germany itself is going to announce a fence.

We are still left without an answer to the primary question:

Why are all these people allowed into Europe?

Because that boy drowned?


Austria will build a 3.7-km (2.5-mile) fence either side of its busiest border crossing with Slovenia to help manage the flow of thousands of migrants a day onto its territory, senior officials said on Friday.

It was the latest move by a country on Europe’s main migratory corridor, stretching from Greece to Germany, to manage or curb the influx since hundreds of thousands started streaming into Austria and Germany two months ago, putting severe strain on the European Union’s prized system of open borders.

Slovenia began erecting its own razor-wire fence along parts of its frontier with Croatia on Wednesday, saying it aimed to assert better control over the migrant flow onto its soil that began shortly after Hungary built fences on its southern border to keep the marching crowds out.

Austria, the last stop on the way to Germany for migrants crossing the continent in numbers not seen since World War Two, has worried for weeks that its larger neighbor’s frontier restrictions will create a backlog it cannot manage.

At a news conference with other cabinet members and senior officials, Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner announced a series of measures that would be put in place near the Spielfeld border crossing in coordination with Slovenia.

Those included a fenced “security corridor” on Slovenian territory and enhanced patrols outside that area by the Slovenian security forces, she said.

Austria will also make preparations that will enable it to build a fence along a 25-km stretch of the border at 48 hours’ notice if needed, she said. A senior official said this would involve containers with razor wire ready to be deployed.

“This Phase 2 will come into force if the Slovenian measures do not work and it comes to illegal border crossings,” she said, adding that Austria would immediately strengthen its own patrols along the same 25-km stretch of frontier.

This is going to lead to more people smuggling. Which is, all things considered, hilarious. It’s like illegal dumping – European government smuggling this genetic waste from the Middle East into other European nations.