Full-Cuck Nation: Only 40% of Germans Want Merkel to Resign

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 29, 2016

These happy days will never end!

Even after the open admission that the Merkel government ordered police to cover-up migrant rapes and protect the rapists, with an official count of 126 women having been gang-raped on New Year’s while the police tried to cover it up to protect the attackers, only 40% of Germans think she should resign.


Forty percent of Germans are apparently not satisfied with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy and want her to resign, according to a recent poll.

The Insa survey for Focus magazine polled 2,047 German citizens from January 22-25, Reuters reported.

However, 45.2 percent of Germans said Merkel’s migrant policy was not the reason for her to leave her post.


That makes it even worse, huh?

Probably they’re upset about her signing Obamatrade which will oppress the more brown nations, allegedly.

So it’s really only 20-odd percent of the people who think she should resign over the mass rapes. The other 70+% of the population is like “ah well, you can’t make an Islamic omelet without breaking a few hymens.”


What to do then?

AfD, which is not even anything close to nationalist, and doesn’t even want deportations, but merely says they’ll “limit immigration” can only get 10% in post-Cologne polls.

After the Cologne gang-sex attacks, German women went to show solidarity with the invasion force by giving them flowers.

There is virtually no question at all that men who participated in the gang-rapes were afterward given flowers by these women.

Think about that for a second.

What to do?

What it looks like is that the overwhelming majority of Germany genuinely wants to Islamize itself, and looks as rapes and other violence as merely a necessary part of that process. I’m not really seeing any other way to analyze this situation.


Of course, we can blame the Jews for brainwashing them with the Holocaust, but there’s a point at which it doesn’t matter anymore who’s started the problem, the Germans have embraced it so fully that they are incapable snapping out of it.

Before Cologne, I kept thinking “ah well, as soon as it gets worse, and they see the true face of immigration, they’ll snap out of it.” But now they have absolutely seen the true face of immigration, and they have not even started to snap out of it.

We know for a fact that the events of New Year’s Eve were nothing more than a pep-rally for the massive displays of vibrant diversity which are on the way. But I see no reason why if “126 girls gang-raped in one night and the police covered it up” doesn’t make an impression that “12,600 girls gang-raped in one night and the police covered it up” would make an impression.

I don’t even think a Trump-style charismatic populist could save them now. Trump is saving us, but all he is doing is saying the things the majority already believed. Angela Merkel already represents the majority in Germany.

Besides, an aggressively anti-immigrant leader would just get arrested in Germany, especially if he did what was necessary and denied the Holocaust and called out the Jews.

From all appearances, Germany is completely doomed, short of some sort of outside intervention – military invasion/liberation by Putin and/or Donald Trump.

Not even joking.

Hopefully, the rest of Europe will be able to break away from Germany, and remove the kebab. This is problematic, as Germany is using its economic clout to try and ram these rapists down the throats of every other European nation. But more and more, other European nations are going to feel comfortable undergoing serious economic hardships rather than embracing a gang-rape epidemic.

The good news is that Russia is now positioning itself internationally as a Christian anti-rape country.