Fuhrer Macron? “For Every European Country Demographically Disappearing, One African Country Appears”

I will just go ahead and tell you this: Emmanuel Macron has a lot bigger balls than Boris Johnson.


French President Emmanuel Macron has argued for a radical revision of global social and economic systems, claiming that changing demographics and other issues will require new ways to distribute finite resources.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Groupe d’Études Géopolitiques, the French leader said the “Washington Consensus,” which he defined as a “monolithic rationale based on the accumulation of profits” was outdated and that nations must embrace new economic, political, and social models in order to overcome current crises, including the coronavirus pandemic and terrorism.

He also warned that “Malthusian theories” about overpopulation would become more prevalent unless there is a “re-conception of the world” that addresses “the scarcity of resources” as well as demographic changes.

“If you take the Europe-Africa region, for every European country  demographically disappearing, in the same period, one African country appears. We are witnessing a kind of acceleration in the twists of history.”

Imagine a globalist leader saying that.

The context doesn’t really matter, because the sentence creates its own context.