Fuck Islam Guys: How Many People Have to Die at the Hand of Moslems Before We Realize Islam is the Problem?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2017

These “FUCK ISLAM” guys are okay.

I wouldn’t countersignal them.

But Islam itself is not the problem.

I mean, I personally think that Sunni Moslems should just be exterminated, and Hassan Nasrallah should be made king of Saudi Arabia.

BUT – the actual problem we are dealing with in the West is the problem of having Moslems in white countries.

And it is not something intuitive to flood your own country with Moslems. It’s not logical. So then, one has to ask: why is it happening?

And the only reason anyone who looks into it is going to come up with is: because of the Jews.

The Middle Ages are over. They cannot invade us anymore. The IQ gap created a technology gap that they are never going to overcome.

So though Moslems should be despised and publicly denounced – of course they should be – it should always be under the clear understanding that the only reason they are a problem for us is because of the Jews.

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