Fuck a Refrigerator Anyway Tho

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2019

There is nothing stupider than recycling.

It just doesn’t actually accomplish anything, and makes more pollution than it solves.

It’s better just to throw your old refrigerator off a cliff.

The Local:

A man who joked that he was “recycling” while he filmed himself tipping an old fridge off a cliff to tumble down into the ravine below, won’t be laughing now.

Seprona, the environmental crime unit of the Guardia Civil tracked him down by tracing the vehicle registration clearly visible in the video that he posted on social media.

It was registered to a company in Almeria that does house clearance and the worker was promptly sacked.

What’s more, he was ordered to pay a fine of €45,000 and then told to return to the scene, recover the fridge and dispose of it properly.

This is oppression.

Donald Trump needs to look into sanctioning and liberating the people from this dictatorship to bring them human rights and democracy.