Friendly Reminder from Brazil: Africans Enslave Themselves Spontaneously

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2018

Nigger architecture in Brazil.

Living close to white people is making Brazilian niggers enslave other niggers.

Reuters Trust:

Plans are underway to get ahead of human traffickers in one of Brazil’s poorest states by mapping slavery hot spots, local authorities said.

The mapping, is part of a push to fight slavery that will take place over the next six years, and will help authorities in Maranhão know where to target their efforts, said Francisco Gonçalves da Conceição, secretary for human rights and popular participation in the state.

The governmment’s aim is to create an “atlas” showing exactly where people are falling into slavery, so they know which regions they should target with social programs.

White people abolished slavery and left it behind but goblins, orcs, and orcblins never stopped doing it.

In fact, there are plenty of things that these creatures never stopped doing. Like mass-rape sprees.

Reuters Trust:

The United Nations condemned on Sunday a wave of “brutal” sexual attacks on women and girls in the northern town of Bentiu in South Sudan which took place in what it described as a government controlled area of the region.

On Friday, the aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said that unknown gunmen have raped 125 women during a 10-day spree of violence in Bentiu, but local officials disputed the report.

The U.N. mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said approximately 125 women and girls have sought medical treatment after having been raped or sexually assaulted as they walked along roads near Nhialdu and Guit on their way to Bentiu and that victims reported the attacks as having been carried out by young men in civilian clothing or military uniforms. They were also beaten and robbed, it said.

Both nigger civilians and nigger soldiers have rape as a hobby.

Meanwhile whores cry about the “rape culture” of the West and how rape can be done with your eyes, voice and even mind. You don’t even need to touch them.

In Negroland, raping is not only allowed but also encouraged and used as a reward.


One woman said she had watched her 15-year-old daughter being raped by 10 soldiers after her husband was killed

Witnesses told investigators that several women had been abducted and held in sexual slavery as “wives” for soldiers in the barracks

Young-looking women were specifically targeted and raped by about ten men, one witness said. In some cases, those who tried to resist or even looked at their rapists were killed, she added

They have rape campaigns.

Al Jazeera:

Children and the disabled in South Sudan have been burned alive and pro-government militia allowed to rape women as a form of payment, a new UN report has said.

Rape as a currency…