Friday Funday Meme Surprise: It’s Still Christmas in Russia!

I still have Christmas memes.

But hey – it’s still Christmas in Russia, Greece, and like, several other places.

And I’ve got memes, and really not much else going on today.

Am I really going to read all of this stuff about Kazakhstan and then tell you about it? I guess I am. I guess I am. But I don’t know if my heart will be in it.

My heart is in these memes.

This is my favorite:

I’ve been joking about the names of pre-workouts for years, and I just love that meme.

I distinctly remember sitting at a Japanese steak house many years ago and explaining a list of names that I would use for pre-workouts if I owned a supplement company, and a friend telling me that “Star Witness Silencer” was the best of the bunch. I think “Unrepentant Gang-Rapist” was also a good one.

If you don’t know about pre-workout, and the names of pre-workout, then you need to start lifting, bro. Get on it. Pre-workout is the juice of life.

I’ll also tell you: this one hit me right in the feels.

When I see recent pictures of girls I went to high school with, now unmarried and childless in their mid-thirties, there is a mix of glee and sorrow that there is no word for in English.

So that meme got to me.

And I gotta give a shoutout to this one.

“There was never a new virus” is going mainstream now. Two years after I told you people.

But I love all the memes.

All the good memes.

Post-credits scene: