Freshly Minted Shitlord Piers Morgan Enrages Leftists

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2017

Jews (like the person who tweeted the above) have fallen in love with Jim Jefferies, a trashy bargain bin Australian comedian, over his hysterical reaction to Piers Morgan’s facts in defense of Donald Trump.

Morgan was once known as a useless bloviating wimp, but ever since becoming editor of the Daily Mail and living through Donald Trump’s election, he has given Leftists and Jews a number of tongue-lashings in defense of Donald Trump.

If you know anything about Leftists, you’ll know they are at a loss for words when someone attacks them according to their own supposed ideological code. Tucker Carlson has mastered this debate tactic, and others are following suit. On “Real Time With Bill Maher” Piers reacted to Maher’s defense of George W. Bush by asking if being politically incorrect was worse than killing 1,000,000 people in Middle Eastern wars (what Bush’s Jew handlers did). He also asked Bill Maher why it was so crazy for Donald Trump to posit that America has done and does immoral things just like any other country, which Maher had no answer to (he was fired for saying the same exact thing on his old show “Politically Incorrect”).

Cuck Jefferies (@jimjefferies on Twitter) has taken to Twitter to try and make the most out of his 15 minutes of fame after pressing the right button (saying what Jews want to hear) for the pellet (some kind of contract on TV or the movies).

JK Rowling and Sulu from Star Trek have joined the fray, and are in clear violation of Twitter’s cyber bullying policies in their threats and targeted harassment of Piers. Make sure to report them and all the fans they’re directing to intimidate and threaten Piers.

The #TrumpEffect is in full swing, and you can tell Piers detests the liberals and Jews that have surrounded him all his life and have ruined the art of journalism. He’s doing the Scott Adams “I don’t like Trump, but…” thing, to resounding success. Here is more of Pepe Morgan driving Bill Maher bonkers!