French Wench Ejected from China for Defending Haji Filth

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2015

Ursula Gauthier - probably Jew.
Ursula Gauthier – probably Jew.

Here’s your daily reminder that not everyone on the planet is cucked. Gooks are probably uncuckable.


Chinese authorities say they’re not renewing the press credentials for a French journalist whose recent reporting questioned Beijing’s “ulterior motives” in standing in solidarity with France after the November Paris attacks, and criticized China’s handling of its Uyghur minority.

Ursula Gauthier, a Beijing-based correspondent for French magazine L’OBS since 2009, wrote in an article published on November 18 — less than a week after coordinated attacks killed at least 130 people in Paris — that China had no basis in drawing parallels between the international pledge to fight against terrorism and its own version, that she calls “the merciless crushing of the Muslim Uyghur minority.

Only a woman could ever speak of mercilessly crushing your enemies as if it was a bad thing.

Very silly.

“In other words, if China declares its solidarity with nations threatened by Islamic State, in return it expects the support of the international community in its own entanglements with its most restless minority,” she added.

The piece drew strong criticism from the Chinese authorities.

In a statement posted by the Chinese Foreign Ministry Saturday, Spokesperson Lu Kang said Gauthier’s article “overtly advocates for acts of terrorism and killings of innocent civilians, and caused public outrage among the Chinese people.

“Given that Gauthier failed to make a serious apology to the Chinese people for her wrongful speech advocating for terrorism acts, it is no longer appropriate for her to continue working in China.”

Finally, spades are getting called their names. Lu Kang is just all like “listen, bitch, we see that you’ve got a cat in your bag – it’s time to let it out.”

liu kang
China Strong.

Le Wench was full-on “they didn’t do nothing.”

In her article, Gauthier wrote that shortly after Chinese President Xi Jinping assured French counterpart Francois Hollande of China’s commitment to fight against terrorism, Chinese police announced the capture of the leaders of a September 18 attack that claimed some 50 lives at a remote coal mine in Xinjiang’s Baicheng County.

“But, bloody though it was, the Baicheng attack had nothing in common with the 13th November attacks,” Gauthier wrote, according to an English translation of her original report published by China Digital Times.

While the Chinese police did not specify the ethnicity of the alleged attackers, Gauthier said they were a small group of Uyghurs “pushed to the limit, probably in revenge for an abuse, an injustice or an expropriation.

Obviously, that same excuse could be used for the Paris attackers – the war in Syria abused their people, Whites did microagressions, someone was mean. For that matter, this could be used any time anyone does anything – “just couldn’t take it anymore” is the one-size fits all behavior for every illicit act imaginable.

Anyway. It’s nice to see that China, along with Russia, is a country that doesn’t tolerate monkey business and meddling. The Chinese racial soul is 100% pragmatic in nature, so I don’t expect them to be of much use in any culture war, and probably not in a physical war either, but it is inspirational to see they ban a woman for trying to do political correctness on them.