French Stand Up! Fight Mandated Vaxx and QR Code Vaxx Pass System!

Finally, the French are whining about something that needs to be whined about.


People in France have taken to the streets to protest against the government’s decision to make Covid-19 vaccination compulsory for health workers and to introduce a health pass to access bars and restaurants.

Protests took place across France on Wednesday with heated clashes erupting with police in Paris. A number of groups, including those associated with the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement, announced their intention to hold demonstrations across the country on Tuesday following the government’s announcement of compulsory vaccinations for health workers and the introduction of a national Covid-19 passport.

In Paris, eyewitness footage captured people fleeing from tear gas as police were deployed in sizable numbers to break up the demonstrations. Major city arteries could be seen blocked by protesters and police. In one instance, a canister of tear gas landed near a restaurant terrace, causing diners to scarper inside.

Smaller protests took place elsewhere in the city, with some groups convening at Place de Clichy. Demonstrators could be heard banging drums and chanting in footage shared on social media.

Some of the protesters adopted unusual garb as part of their demonstrations, including one participant who dressed as Jesus and bore a large cross for the march.

Demonstrations were also held in Corsica, where people gathered to denounce what they decried as an attack on individual freedoms, demanding the right to “own their choice” over Covid-19 vaccinations.

This is really great.

The French are so good at protesting, it’s just not usually clear what they want. But the vaxx mandates and QR code system are very straightforward.

I’ve been watching a bunch of Computing Forever’s videos lately.


I hadn’t seen him in many years and ran across him on BitChute, and found he is saying all the same stuff I am saying. (Some of it he says better than I say, some of it I might say better, but I am more on the same page with this guy than anyone I’ve seen. The only thing I disagree with is that he still seems to think there is a virus. I have taken the position and held it: there never was a new virus, it was always existing seasonal respiratory disease combined with diabetes, cancer, motorcycle crashes, falling off ladders, etc.)

Anyway, I’m going to write about him and shill his BitChute channel soon. What I wanted to say now is that he says that Ireland has low self-esteem and is just trying to get upvotes on social media from Americans. He says the country is too collectively broken to be able to put up a fight. This is unfortunate news, given that we tend to think of Ireland as the only country in Western Europe where people might just fly off the handle and not be able to take it anymore.

But the French, degenerate as they are, still have some fight in them, because they’re so proud and think they’re better than everyone. So France rioting against the QR codes is top of the pops.

Of course, all of this stuff is going to get rammed through – but the more resistance it meets, the less stable it will be when it is implemented, and therefore the sooner it will collapse.

The fact that this vaxx rollout was so botched shows that these people running things do not really have a good handle on things. There are signs everywhere that although the elite are basically totally unimpeded in terms of what they can get away with in the short-term, their competence level means that their ability to hold power in the long-term is effectively nil. When they hit resistance, they now only have the ability to respond with blatant threats, physical intimidation, menacing coercion, and naked emotional manipulation.

They lack any technique whatsoever. They’ve got the finesse of Stewart Rhodes.

Things are going to get worse before they get better. But they will get better. The question now is how long that “worse” period will last. The shorter it is, the fewer of us that are resisting are sent to concentration camps and masturbated to death with electric soap.