French Protesters Go Too Far, Compare Vaccine Passports with Nazi Stuff, Make Jews Cry

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Rioting and burning down vaxx centers was one thing.

Comparing something to the Jews is a whole horse of a different color.

New York Post:

A French Holocaust survivor has denounced anti-vaccination protesters comparing themselves to Jews who were persecuted by Nazi Germany during World War II. French officials and anti-racism groups joined the 94-year-old in expressing indignation.

As more than 100,000 people marched around France against government vaccine rules on Saturday, some demonstrators wore yellow stars recalling the ones the Nazis forced Jews to wear. Other demonstrators carried signs evoking the Auschwitz death camp or South Africa’s apartheid regime, claiming the French government was unfairly mistreating them with its anti-pandemic measures.

You can’t imagine how much that upset me. This comparison is hateful. We must all rise up against this ignominy,” Holocaust survivor Joseph Szwarc said Sunday during a ceremony commemorating victims of antisemitic and racist acts by the French state, which collaborated with Adolf Hitler’s regime.

Joseph Szwarc

“I wore the star, I know what that is, I still have it in my flesh,” Szwarc, who was deported from France by the Nazis, said with tears in his eyes. “It is everyone’s duty to not allow this outrageous, antisemitic, racist wave to pass over us.”

Historian and former Nazi hunter Serge Klarsfeld also took aim at the analogy, stressing Monday that “the yellow star was a symbol of death that excluded Jews from society and marked them for extermination, while vaccines, on the other hand, save lives.” To equate the two, he told The Associated Press, is an “odious” comparison that serves to trivialize the yellow star.

Serge Klarsfeld

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal lamented the “absolutely abject comparisons” of vaccine rules to Nazi atrocities and he urged other political leaders to speak out.

The International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism said the protesters were “mocking victims of the Holocaust” and minimizing crimes against humanity committed during World War II.

Klarsfeld, whose father died in Auschwitz, pushed back against protesters’ demands for “liberty” and claims that the latest health measures were dictatorial, saying that dictatorships adopt repressive measures to serve their own ends, while republics sometimes adopt necessary measures for everyone’s good.

“What freedom is it they seek? The freedom to be contagious?” he asked, noting that vaccines save many lives.


They seek the freedom to be contagious.

Great meme when your audience is mentally retarded.

Unfortunately, the French are not mentally retarded – they are a steel predator of justice, with jaws of liberation.

Techno-medical dictatorship is a pretty accurate way to call it, yes.

The Jews will remind you – ten times per hour.

I have a hard time believing the police are friends.

Maybe they just haven’t gotten their latest updates from the Jews.