French Presidential Candidate Plans to Blockade Poland and Hungary for Not Obeying George Soros

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2017

Jews reserve the smear “demagogue” for politicians who tell the truth. When one of their spokesmen, like French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron and his fossilized sex deviant wife, singles out a race or country Jews don’t like like – say Poles and Hungarians – that’s perfectly acceptable discourse.

But who is this for? What non-Jewish, non-investment banker in France thinks the main problem in Europe is Poland and Hungary not taking in sufficient non-white invaders?


Critical comments about Poland by Emmanuel Macron, the favorite to be next president of France, prompted a furious reaction from Warsaw on Friday — further souring already tense relations between the two countries.

Macron on Thursday told French regional newspapers that he would pursue tougher action against Poland and other rule-breaking EU countries such as Hungary if he becomes president, also attacking their economic policies which are seen as a threat to French business.

During the interview, Macron pounded his fist on the table and warned, “In the three months after my election, there are decisions that will be taken on Poland … One can’t have a country which plays its fiscal and social cards in the heart of the European Union and which is in violation of all its principles.”

He added that “sanctions will be taken over the lack of respect for the rights and values of the European Union.”

Poland is under fire from the EU over government attempts to weaken the country’s top constitutional court, something for which Warsaw could theoretically lose its voting rights as an EU member. Hungary was pilloried by Brussels this week over a new higher education law seen as an attack on a university financed by Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros. Both countries have been criticized for refusing to take any asylum seekers since the 2015 migration crisis.

People negative about Marine Le Pen’s chances should take heart: her opponent is running on a platform of more (((George Soros))), more blacks and Arabs, more neo-liberalism, and punishing Poland and Hungary for not wanting any of the above. Brood all you want, this election is Le Pen’s to lose!

I give Macron credit for being honest about what he intends to do in office. His campaign is stating in no uncertain terms that it plans to step on the fingers of a French nation hanging off a cliff. His entire platform will only benefit global financial interests and technocrats at the expense of indigenous Frenchmen – and both Leftists and conservatives know it!

The French runoff is as stark of a contrast as Hillary-Trump was. Even if Macron defeats Le Pen 51-49, will the losing side tolerate another Presidency from an even worse version of Francois Hollande?

In situations like this, I’m seeing a glass half full. Or better yet, an oven half full – of Eurocrats and Jews who keep pretending their mounting abuses won’t trigger a response from the little people.

The last thing to take from this is Poland and Hungary need to pull up their pants and leave the European Union. Whatever their historic grievances are with Russia, Putin isn’t going to impose a hunger-blockade on you just because you refuse to resettle half the population of Somalia in Warsaw or shut down some international kike’s subversion institute.

[Editor’s Note: I personally believe Le Pen’s chance of winning is somewhere between nothing and zero. I think she’s actually going to lose by like, double digits. She really hasn’t had any chance of winning for the last six months, but after the stunt of quitting her own party – then appointing a guy who immediately publicly denied the holocaust – then switching him out for a homo – there is absolutely zero possibility in my mind that she is going to win. I give my writers a fair amount of leeway when it comes to non-ideological issues (such as predictions, specific analysis), but I am just putting a note here as I don’t want you to claim “The Daily Stormer was wrong” when Le Pen loses by a wide margin. But who knows – maybe you’ll be saying “The Daily Stormer was wrong – except that Eric Striker.” It could happen. But you know, we could also be invaded by aliens on May 7th, and the results of the election not even matter. -AA]