French President Macron to Give Speech About the Need to Kidnap European Countries

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2019

The current state of France, soon to be the current state of Europe.

Macron will soon give a speech about forced unity while France is burning and the French people continue to revolt against him, week after week after week.

Definitely not the kind of guy you’d expect to be lecturing about anything but… he’s what they’ve got, so he’ll have to do. I guess.

Thomson Reuters Foundation News:

French President Emmanuel Macron will describe Brexit as a wake-up call in a speech in coming weeks in which he will outline how Europe must be more assertive in the face of rival world powers, sources close to Macron said.

His words are intended as a “warning shot” for a continent unable to project power and defend itself, said aides who described the speech as Macron’s most important since he spoke at the Sorbonne University in Paris in September 2017 urging fundamental reform of the European Union.

“This is a critical time,” a source close to Macron told Reuters. “If we Europeans don’t want to have other Brexits and become trapped in a naive defence of status quo, we have to wake up.”

Macron’s office said on Monday the speech will be at end of February or early March, although the exact date and location had not yet been fixed.

The French leader will focus on championing a “Europe that protects” in the May 26 European election and seek to convince voters with plans aimed at reforming Europe’s trade, competition, digital and climate policies.

They’re now point-blank stating that they’ll work to keep countries from leaving the EU. If another country wants to leave the European Union after Brexit, and the European Union tries to stop it, I mean… it sounds funny, but if those were people instead of countries, that would be kidnapping.

If a country wants to get out of the EU, it should be able to do so without having to fight multiple fronts. But that would hurt the replacement rate of Europeans, and the globalists won’t let that happen. They want whites replaced, and they’re not willing to take even a single step back.

They want to see Europe in flames, our heritage destroyed, our history forgotten, and our blood long-dried in the soil that once belonged to us.

But if we fall, we’ll rise again.

Even if our form is diluted.

We’ll rise until there are no more enemies and traitors in our sacred land, and then we’ll continue to rise because Victory is our only path.