French Mock Texas Dead, Do Not Get Kicked Off the Internet by International Cabal

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 1, 2017

Last time I checked (I haven’t been paying that much attention, tbh), 22 people were confirmed dead in Texas. The French are mocking them.

Now, far be it from me to criticize people for mocking people who die tragically.

But, um.

Isn’t that defacto illegal now?

Aren’t you supposed to get totally kicked off the internet and turned into an unperson if you do that?

Fox News:

On its newest cover, controversial French magazine Charlie Hebdo appears to mock Texans, depicting them as neo-Nazis caught in the deluge of tropical storm Harvey.

The magazine’s cover reads “God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas.” The words accompany an illustration showing swastika flags and arms raised in a Nazi salute — all submerged in water, the New York Post reports.

The cover has sparked criticism on social media.

The weekly magazine is known to cause controversy with its cartoons, which often create a backlash against the magazine – including a terrorist attack in 2015 in which two gunmen opened fire on the publication’s staff in their Paris offices for mocking an ISIS leader.

More recently, the magazine’s cartoonists depicted British Prime Minister Theresa May as decapitated and linked the vehicular terror attack in Barcelona to Islam.

The cover showed the words, “Islam: religion of peace … eternal,” with a cartoon showing mowed down people on the street.

It would seem that some jokes about the recently deceased are more equal than others.

I would of course fight for these Hebdo kikes if they had been kicked off the internet, because I understand that censorship is a beast that is always hungry.

But they aren’t. And they won’t be.

Btw, hat-tip to Tiana Lowe of National Review for figuring out the incomprehensible French language in order to tell us about this story.

Tiana is a conservative commenter who non-perverts actually want to fuck… until they see the profile shot of her prehistoric underbite.

tfw her Twitter profile literally says “Kafkaesque.”

She said it.

I ain’t say it.

Well actually I also said it.

She’s probably Jewish. Kafka was Jewish. Which is sort of what makes his writing interesting. Jews are a deformed, insectlike species which pretends to be human. And in certain bits of their own literature that nature shines through. Certain rare reflective Jews, like Kafka, are haunted by it.

My personal favorite Jew (yes, Nazis are allowed to have those – it is maybe even a requirement), David Cronenberg, covered this idea of a Jew reverting to his true form as an insectoid being in The Fly. Cronenberg specifically chose a Jewish actor – Jeff Goldblum – to play the character transformed into an insectoid in the film.

You think this is just some arbitrary connection of some rambling Nazi – think again. Cronenberg is a fan of Kafka and wrote the introduction to a new translation of Metamorphosis. Translated by a Jew. Jews are fixated on this work. (Update: The Paris Review published the full introduction.)

In fact, most of Cronenberg’s films had plots revolving around a monstrous evil within. The best of which is of course Videodrome.

Just as another note here: H.P. Lovecraft, a full-on Nazi, wrote science fiction from the opposite angle, with the “other” rather than the self being an embodiment of an alien creature hiding in a human form. He is my favorite short story author, and he has been wrongfully overshadowed by contemporary Jews such as Kafka for the simple fact that he was not Jewish and indeed hated them.

Point being: what is going on with female conservative commenters that they are all deformed in some way?

Or is it just women in general? 

Wait wait – let’s go back to this French thing.

Is the joke just that everyone from Texas is a Nazi?

Is that a joke that makes sense in French?

Because I don’t actually get the joke.