French Minister Goes Full Corona, Coronafornia Coronacruise Retards Trapped at Sea

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2020

They see me rollin – they hatin

A top French politician has C O R O N A V I R U S.

The English media isn’t even reporting it. But this guy is 69 years old, and he may well die. He’s in the hospital.

Imagine if this virus just wiped out all boomers, including all boomer politicians.

Meanwhile, the nigger French president has seized control of all masks.

“We requisition all stocks and the production of protective masks. We will distribute them to healthcare professionals and to French people affected by the Coronavirus.”

It is lunacy that the government is still somehow telling people not to worry about this.

There was a group of people who were so trusting in Mike Pence that they boarded a cruise ship after the incident of quarantining all of these cruise ships…


While most Americans are Ridin with Biden, some retards are Cruisin with Corona.

These people actually got on a cruise ship AFTER it was known that these cruise ships were getting quarantined. Imagine being that hungry to live in a plastic cell on a floating Indian casino.


The fate of almost 3,500 people headed back to the United States remains a mystery as their cruise ship won’t be allowed to dock anytime soon.

That’s because the Grand Princess previously carried a passenger who has become the first person to die from coronavirus in California.

And dozens of passengers who were on the voyage with that man are still on the ship. At least two people who traveled with that passenger on the ship tested positive for the virus this week.

The Grand Princess was on a 15-day trip and was scheduled to return Saturday. But the trip was cut short after news broke Wednesday of the California man’s death.

The ship is now near the San Francisco coast but must remain at sea as it awaits testing for the virus from test kits delivered by helicopter Thursday.

People who go on cruises literally deserve to die.

They are the worst form of proletariat scum, and are bringing down the rest of the world. These are the sorts who either vote for Joe Biden or support Donald Trump because he moved the Israeli embassy.

If you offered free cruises to everyone in America, and then the cruise ship was actually a gas chamber, America would be 100% saved. You would have cleared out all of the filth that is going along with this evil program.

Imagine deciding to spend your vacation here:

So, I’m happy that these people are going to be forced to die horribly of this brutal disease in a floating coffin.

But the rest of us do not deserve to die of this disease.

Alpha Chad Trump Says No Problem

Donald Trump recently ate a bowl of bat soup at a press conference.

When reporters asked “Mr. President, aren’t you afraid of contracting the virus?” Trump answered, “what virus?”

He is chad and an alpha male.

But seriously though, I’m joking, but that was basically his attitude this whole time.

He put do-nothing dodderer Mike Pence in charge of the outbreak, and Pence is doing nothing.

He did do the thing of telling the people there are not enough tests.


Confusion and delays appear to persist in testing Americans for coronavirus even after an outcry from state and local health authorities that the United States was behind in determining the extent of the outbreak.

Vice President Mike Pence, who is leading the administration’s response to the coronavirus crisis, acknowledged Thursday there was a shortfall in the number of testing kits required to meet demand.

“We don’t have enough tests today to meet what we anticipate will be the demand going forward,” Pence told reporters while touring 3M facilities in Minnesota.

The vice president said the government would be able to provide testing “for those that we believe have been exposed, for those who are showing symptoms.”

But his remarks were an acknowledgment that the administration is still not prepared to meet an expected spike in demand in tests for coronavirus, which has spread to 17 states.

Of course there aren’t enough tests – the working tests are made in China. The ones the US produced didn’t work, because this country is absolutely incompetent, by any measure, and it continues to exist only because of the genius of a bunch of men who died a long time ago.

This is how prepared our country was for a crisis. Preparation level of zero.

There is no chance at all that we are going to be able to contain this the same way China did. We can’t even test for it.

It will probably blow over when the weather breaks and it can’t spread anymore. But just imagine that America is unprepared to deal with literally any crisis. We spent all of our money and energy building a war machine to help the Jews and hired a bunch of women to turn everyone into trannies.

In Other Coronanews

Here’s the latest /cvg/ research:


Non-smokers can’t even breathe when they get the virus.

I will be extremely happy if all nonsmokers die. That would be about as good as killing all cruiseshippers.

What to Know About Raiding

When things really get rolling, you’re going to need to understand that this is a world of raid or be raided.

You will NOT be safe in your rural bunker zone unless you can blow up bridges and keep people from driving a truck up to your spot. Even if it is just a bridge across a creek, if a truck can’t cross it, you’ll be in okay shape.

But if raiders can drive a truck up to your spot, what good is it to be in a rural area?

By the time people start raiding on foot or on dirtbikes, you’ll probably already be dead. But anyway, you can pick people off with a rifle one at a time if they try and roll up on you that way.

But if they can get a truck in – then what?

The best thing you can do is join a raiding crew, and that way you won’t even need your own supplies, because you will take the supplies of others.

The other best option is to go deep and live on the land, eating moss and small birds.

Of course, if you’re a nonsmoker then don’t even worry about it, because this virus is going to mutate and kill you soon anyway.

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