French Leftists Don’t Want Innocent Victims Living in Their Homes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2017

This may be the best “man on the street” bit in all of history.

Some French show went around asking people on the streets in a wealthy shopping area in Paris if they would allow a “migrant” to live in their homes.

Being good little goyim, they all said “certainly, of course, absolutely.”

Then the interviewer says “good, because I’ve got on right here – he’s going home with you now that you’ve agreed to it.”

Then when the migrant is pulled out, the tune is changed.

This pretty well summarizes leftism in its entirety – it is about socially signaling that you are a very good goyim, as long as the only consequence is higher taxes.

But for the working classes, the consequences are a lot bigger than taxes. They actually do have to live with these animals.

That is why “right wing” movements are “populist.” Because the masses are the ones being affected by the choices of the rich, and the rich are only making these choices because the Jews told them they would be good people if they did.

This clip literally sums up the entire crisis we are presently submerged in.