French Jew Billionaire War Profiteer and Politician Dassault Dies in Helicopter Crash

These people have a sick plan to use genetic engineering and cyborg technology to live forever.

So it’s sort of poetic when they die in accidents.

The pilot was probably diverse.


French billionaire and National Assembly member Olivier Dassault has reportedly been killed in a helicopter crash in the northern Calvados town of Toques, according to reports by AFP and other media outlets.

The pilot of the private aircraft also died in the crash, Le Parisien newspaper is reporting. No cause of the crash has yet been identified.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday posted a Twitter message paying tribute to the 69-year-old Dassault: “Olivier Dassault loved France. Captain of industry, deputy, locally elected, a reserve commander in the Air Force. Throughout his life, he never ceased to serve our country, to promote its assets. His brutal death is a great loss. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.”

Dassault was the youngest of industrialist Serge Dassault’s four children, who inherited their father’s wealth when he died in May 2018. Olivier Dassault was president of strategy and development at Dassault Groupe, the family-controlled aerospace and software conglomerate.

The Dassaults also own Le Figaro, France’s national newspaper, as well as vineyards and other major assets. Serge Dassault’s father, Marcel Dassault, founded Dassault Aviation and started out making propellers for World War I planes.

Ah yes.

A Jew family profiting from war.

What a hero.

Do you know why Jews who own arms manufacturing companies never promote wars on purpose to make a profit?

Because they’re too good and moral.

The only thing that they will ever do is wait until someone else starts a war, and then sell weapons to both sides, because they want everything to be fair.

If I am to be fair, some of the Dassault jets produced in the 1950s and 60s were quite aesthetic.

That particular jet pictured, the Dassault Super Mystère, was bought by Israel and then sold to Honduras to use to bomb the Nicaraguan Sandinistas (of Iran-Contra fame – I won’t tell that whole story now, but you can look it up; it was basically the same thing as France selling jets to Israel to then sell to Honduras).

Much of the company’s history has involved selling jets to Israel which they then sell to third world countries to use in what would be called “terrorism” or “war crimes” by France.

No one ever took issue with it, because everyone in the family is, as Macron said, a hero.