French Inventor Demonstrates “Flyboard” for Soldiers to Fly and Attack From the Air Like the Green Goblin

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2019

How much do you want to fly around with your guns? Americans need this invention.

Pure freedom.

France 24:

A French inventor and entrepreneur on Sunday soared above the Champs-Elysees on a turbine engine-powered flyboard in front of President Emmanuel Macron and other EU leaders.

Former jet-skiing champion Franky Zapata, grasping a rifle in a sign of the possible military uses of his device, took to the air in a futuristic showpiece of the annual Bastille Day parade.

French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly told France Inter radio ahead of the parade that the flyboard “can allow tests for different kinds of uses, for example as a flying logistical platform or, indeed, as an assault platform.”

Of course we’re going to use it as an assault platform.

The fuck you think this is?

Every potential assault platform can and will be used as an assault platform.

We’re going to bring this flying board thing to America and it’s going to be available at every store — everywhere — because who doesn’t want to fly around in this thing while wielding some guns?

America is all about freedom and flying around with a gun in your hand is overpowered freedom.

This and the recent advancements in jet pack technology are moving us towards jump packs and the creation of the Space Marines.

We’re moving forward.

By the way, this is Franky Zapata:

And this is what he does:

Some highlights from his website:

With engine out capability, the Flyboard Air can lose one engine and still continue the mission. If two engines go out, the Flyboard Air will make a controlled descent.

Auto-hover mode allows the pilot to maintain a steady altitude without having to manage the throttle.

Isolated turbines with improved cooling and lubrication increase jet engine reliability and lifetime.

Embedded stabilization independent of flight controls.

Status indications via heads-up display inform pilot of engine status, fuel levels, altitude and speed.

Independent engine electronics means any possible electronic failure can only effect one engine at a time and the Flyboard Air can still safely fly.

Independent engine fuel supplies.

Triple redundant flight controls – two wired systems, plus one wireless backup system.

Quick release boots means the pilot can quickly let go of the Flyboard Air in case of an emergency water landing.

As you can see, he seems to have this thing figured out.

But most importantly, there’s this:

Any airworthiness certifications?
Currently it can be flown in the United States as an ultralight aircraft.

Can it be armed? 
It is possible. We do not have any current customers that have asked for this integration.

Can you fire a weapon while flying it?
It is possible and is part of some of our customers’ development strategy. We have some alternate flight control ideas to facilitate weapons employment but they have not been tested yet.

This is what Trump should be basing his campaign on.

He should promise everyone their own free Flyboard. Everyone’s moving towards promising free stuff, so he might as well promise something that can beat free healthcare, free college, free $1,000 a month and free open borders.

The Flyboard is the answer.