French Hero Boris Le Lay Sentenced to 2 Years for Questioning Islamization of Europe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2016

Watch this, it’s important.

A French patriot has been sentenced to two years in prison for questioning the Islamization of France and Europe as a whole.

As we reported here on the Daily Stormer, Boris Le Lay was sentenced to 6 months in May of last year for saying on YouTube that a Negro could not be a Celt.

The judge who sentenced him was a Negro Moslem.

Following this sentence, which was delivered in absentia as he was outside of France, he wrote a blog about the destruction of free speech and criticized the tribalist justice of the Negro judge who delivered passed this sentence. He was then charged for racism against the judge, and sentenced to two years in prison.

This is the most severe sentence for a blogger ever issued in France, perhaps the most severe in any country on the basis of a single blog post.

Things are intensifying very rapidly on the free speech front. Insane new precedent is being set. And as Boris says in the video, we in America need to understand that when we lose our First Amendment – which Hillary will absolutely take from us – this will be end of freedom of speech on the internet as well.


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