French Conservative Candidate Francois Fillon Reaffirms “Jews First” Campaign Message

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2017

Jews are placing all their shekels on the French Paul Ryan, Francois Fillon, in the upcoming French presidential race. Despite being an avid neo-liberal globalist Thatcherite (anathema to French economic traditions), Jews are hoping supporters of socialist and left-wing parties will prioritize their animosity towards white Frenchmen existing and overlook this problem to vote for Fillon in the election’s second round. He is expected to be up against Marine Le Pen.

Le Pen herself has repeatedly made the error (?) of appeasing Jewish power, but this is all in vain. The Jews of France aren’t concerned about being treated as equal citizens whose customs are respected, what they want is to replace all indigenous Gallo-Romans with Negroes and Arabs and that’s not something they’re going to willingly take off the table. Trying to reason with (or work with) Jews dooms you to the same perpetually impotent cycle as Geert Wilders, and while Jews are 50% sure Le Pen won’t be bad for them personally, they’re 100% sure the paid-off corrupt bastard Fillon will advance their genocidal plan.

Israel National News:

On Monday France’s center-right presidential hopeful Francois Fillon attended a town hall meeting with some 700 members of the Jewish community organized by CRIF, the federation of Jewish communities in France.

Dozens of supporters welcomed the candidate by chanting “Fillon President” at the meeting at a Paris hotel. Meyer Habib, a Jewish lawmaker and former CRIF vice president, endorsed him publicly. Fillon earned applause at least a dozen times when he pledged to support Israel and curb jihadism.

Fillon rebuked France’s support for a UNESCO resolution passed last year that ignored Jewish ties to Jerusalem, calling it “an error and historical untruth that complicates peace efforts.” And he vowed never to normalize ties with Iran as long as that country “continues to call for Israel’s destruction.”

Last year, French Jews and Muslims formed a joint effort to defend against attacks on kosher and halal practices.

“Jewish values, they are, well, they’re our values,” Fillon said. “Jews had a very major role in building the French republic,” he added, noting that Jews have lived in France “since time immemorial.”

“Without a candidate for the center-right, Mrs. Le Pen would have a field day,” Fillon warned. “Some in the right wing would express their anger by going so far as to vote for her.”

According to a poll Tuesday, Le Pen is leading the race with a 26.5 percent approval rating, followed by Macron at 25.5 percent. Fillon was third at 18.5 percent and the far-left Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon had 13.5 percent.

Countless French voters who are worried about radical Islam, Fillon also argued, would vote for Le Pen if forced to choose between her and the reconciliatory Macron. On February 4th in Lyon, Macron riled the right and even some centrists when he said, “There is no French culture, there is culture in France, and it is diverse, different and made up of multiple cultures.”

Fillon at the CRIF meeting, saying “France is not multicultural, it is diverse but has one language: French.”

Fillon said he would focus only on Islam and would not change any of the religious liberties now afforded to Jews and Christians in France.

The French are Latin enough for their disingenuous sell-out politicians to lie and take bribes transparently. This is in contrast with Germanic countries where the elite plutocrats have a talent for looking convinced when they brown nose, and are more deliberate in hiding their slush funds.

Candidate Fillon knows full well Jews are racial aliens to France (he has said so in the past) and don’t belong there, but he loves their money and good press.

The Muslims in France, in contrast to the ones in say Britain or Germany, are particularly hostile to Jews. This has led to some strange bedfellows there, including Marine Le Pen trying to curry favor with globalist Jews over the issue and Alain Soral looking to harness this sentiment in an alliance for white liberation (Soral’s group is the better group, but is also small and heavily repressed by the state). In the end, both Fillon “Jews First” conservatism and even some of Le Pen’s solutions amounts to an Advil for a brain tumor of everlasting kvetching.

The French in France will be a minority in our lifetimes if something drastic and direct is not done to uproot Jewish power, and soon.

Trump’s renegade civic nationalism is nothing new, people like Wilders and Le Pen have been doing it for years. Some have blamed institutional differences in how elections are run, but the real problem is that European Trumps lack the power of his personality. Monuments are built to honor distinguished men, not political parties.

Trump was grilled repeatedly, and not once did he apologize to Jews. Whatever his motives were, he knew that the Alt-Right and millions of Jew-critics were needed to win the election, which Le Pen apparently does not know.

In the path ahead to the French presidency, Marine Le Pen would do good to take a page from his playbook and suspend her failed policy of kissing Jew ass and apologizing to them for nothing. By doing this, she can contrast with her grotesque philo-Semitic opponent, and between the two in the second round, who knows, she might even win a sizable portion of the Arab vote. The man on the street is hungry for someone to say No to a Jew, Le Pen can win without even breaking any of the draconian “hate speech” laws by declaring the following referendum: “France First” or “Jews First.”