French Burn Calais Migrant Camp Following Terrorist Attack

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 14, 2015

Finally, Whites have responded to a bitch burning with a bitch burning of their own. Or so it seems.


Fire broke out in the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp near Calais last night – just hours after the terror attacks in Paris.

At around 11pm volunteers helping migrants and refugees living in the northern French port shared pictures and video on social media.

One aid worker told Mirror Online that around 40 shelters were destroyed when an ‘absolutely massive’ fire broke out in a Sudanese area.

One video shows emergency service vehicles arriving at the camp, which houses around 6,000 migrants – mainly young men from Syria and North Africa.

Last night a local anti-migrant group known as ‘The Angry of Calais’ also posted videos of the inferno on Facebook.

That sparked speculation the blaze could be connected to events in Paris – but it is still unclear what caused the fire or whether it was a ‘revenge’ attack.

I don’t think you’re going to be hearing about “oh my God so sad, the poor helpless ones victimized by the evil Nazis.” In fact, I think this is going to be downplayed in the media. This already seems to be the case.

Where once an attack on migrants would get massive media coverage for the purpose of drawing sympathy to the plight of the innocents, it now seems that the masses are more likely to sympathize with those attacking migrants.

Hordes of Black rapists were never a sympathy magnet. That was a Jewish hoax.
Hordes of welfare-craving Black rapists were never a sympathy magnet. That was a Jewish hoax.

This is confirmed the the fact that Germany and Sweden have both been downplaying the arson attacks of migrant housing.

These people are in our base and they are raping our women. They are slaughtering us on the streets. They are making insane demands for more money and better free housing. They are no longer sympathetic, in any way, save to a percentage of women and the most faggotized men.