#FreeRicky: Ricky Vaughn Banned from Twitter for Supporting Donald Trump – Here’s Why

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2016


BREAKING UPDATE: Daily Stormer has confirmed that Ricky Vaughn’s new Facebook page is authentically him.

With the election around the corner, the elites of America are using everything in their power to silence dissidents. Twitter, a platform that markets itself as a free speech medium and has been praised by our elites for its role in fanning the flames of violent Jihadist led civil wars in Syria, Libya, and beyond (the “Arab Spring”), is now heightening its crackdown on beloved social commentators for the crime of peacefully speaking truth to power.

According to an MIT report last February on the top 150 figures influencing the US election on Twitter, Ricky Vaughn was #107, ahead of NBC News (#114) , The Drudge Report (#116) , CNN (#111), and other extremely high profile information networks. With his keen instincts, cutting edge observations, and refined wit, countless individuals utilized Ricky Vaughn’s twitter as a go-to resource for news and views people couldn’t get elsewhere, generally from a pro-Trump or pro-Alt-Right perspective.

While ISIS, Al Qaeda, Black Lives Matter, and Communist extremists are allowed to use twitter to recruit, agitate and threaten others with violence, right-leaning intellectuals are censored by Twitter (and all other Social Media platforms) as soon as they build-up a big enough audience to matter.  Conservative Journalist Robert Stacy McCain, Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopolous, social media satirist InstaPundit, and now Ricky Vaughn have been banished from Twitter for questioning, making jokes about or merely reporting on the powers that be in the United States of America. Other popular figures, such as political commentator Instapundit, right-wing sci-fi author Vox Day and Dilbert’s Scott Adams have been “shadowbanned,” which makes it so their posts do not appear on people’s feeds (Ricky Vaughn was shadowbanned before being totally banned).

For all of you who live outside of the U.S. and have been told different, this is not a free country.

Twitter’s renewed censorship push comes at a time where a number of factors are gathering.

The Israeli lobby organization, the Anti-Defamation League, has deployed a number of high power lawyers to Silicon Valley to pressure Social Media outlets into censoring criticism of Jews and Israel even more than they currently do.  Because Google and Facebook are controlled by individuals of Jewish descent, these two have done more in creating a Draconian environment targeting those with patriotic views on their platforms than Gentile-owned Twitter, which has tried to balance out complaints of harassment with the company’s core value of preserving free expression.

This is changing. At the moment, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is trying to sell the company to one of the major mega-corporations that already own the rest of our media. The three companies looking to bid on it are Disney, Google and Salesforce.

The aforementioned prospective buyers are Jewish, and all three are high profile Hillary Clinton donors and surrogates: Disney’s Bob Iger, Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin and Salesforce’s Marc Benioff .

Twitter is reportedly asking for $20 billion dollars in the acquisition, but the auction itself, slated for this week, has not yet begun. Nevertheless, other Jewish entities have in the last couple of days done everything in their power to attack them for not doing enough to protect Jews from different opinions, censor supporters of Donald Trump, and silence Hillary Clinton critics. A hysterical New York Times article from October 2nd by Jim Rutenberg writes:

But you have to wonder whether the cap on Twitter’s growth is tied more to that most basic — and base — of human emotions: hatred.

It courses through Twitter at an alarming rate, turbocharged by this year’s political campaigns and the rise of anti-immigration movements that dabble in racist, sexist and anti-Semitic tropes across the globe. And this is to say nothing of its use by terrorist recruiters.

It’s a lamentable turn that Twitter says it is urgently working to address.

Soon after Twitter took its place in the tech-driven media revolution a decade ago, it proved to be a forceful amplifier of ideas and personalities, one that could be a political game changer. Its role in enabling the Arab Spring movements remains inspirational. It helped foster bottom-up movements like the Tea Party and Black Lives Matter here in the United States. And, of course, it helped make possible the outsider candidacy of Donald J. Trump, who continues to use it, er, aggressively.

The back-and-forth over his candidacy, and the news media’s coverage of it, have added a new cache of material to the uglier side of Twitter’s oeuvre.

More often than not, the venom comes from pseudonymous accounts — the white hoods of our time.

Just take a gander at @Bridget62945958, who published a series of anti-Semitic posts against my colleague Binyamin Appelbaum. One message showed a series of lampshades. Its caption read: “This is your family when Trump wins. Get your Israeli passport ready.”

Twitter suspended the account after Mr. Appelbaum brought it to the attention of Twitter’s co-founder and chief executive, Jack Dorsey, by way of his own Twitter feed. A new account sprang right up to continue the vitriol, prompting Jeffrey Goldberg, a national correspondent for The Atlantic, to write a post asking Mr. Dorsey, “How does it feel to watch Twitter turning into an anti-Semitic cesspool?”

Jeffrey Goldberg and Jim Rutenberg singling out twitter as a “platform of hate” around a time where it is seeking to auction itself off to Jewish bidders is obviously a political ploy calibrated to coincide with the election.

With Twitter in a race against the clock to get the amount of money they want for their product, in case the media attacks don’t work, the Jew Jason Helfstein of Oppenheimer & Company downgraded the Twitter stock, even as it surged 21% on Wall Street.


Ricky Vaughn is just another victim of the censorship we suffer at the hands of a handful of mega-corporations and individuals trying to decide what political views we can give or read. Part of this is doing what is possible to get Hillary Clinton elected and shutting down any view that they deem to be “alt-right”, in other words, critical of mass immigration, critical of concentrations of capital in certain hands, critical of Black Lives Matter.  This time, we need to make a stink about it and show people just what our elites are up to.

You can find Ricky Vaughn on Facebook (for now), and Gab (which we should all start transitioning to away from Reddit, Facebook, Google subsidiaries and Twitter, since it will soon become the only social media platform in America safe for politically dissenting intellectuals, until it too gets bought out).

#FreeRicky is the now the top trending item in the United States; let’s keep it that way. If enough of us come together, the hostile moneyed dictatorship in charge can’t abuse their power forever.


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