#FreePentland: White Man is Charged with Some Crime After Good Boy Refuses to Leave His Front Yard!

In this incredible and outrageous video footage just released on Twitter, a white supremacist male tries to “catch and kill” a good boy who was not doing nothing.

Watch this video, and then you’ll understand what racism looks like in everyday life.

No but seriously – I can’t even do satire about this. I can’t think of how I would do it.

This has developed into a huge story – here’s the Daily Mail style summary:

  • Someone posted a video of a good boy loitering in a front yard in a suburb and a white man asking him to leave and then getting appropriately aggressive when he refused.
  • The man was doxed.
  • He was arrested and charged with a crime.
  • Protesters showed up at his house.
  • Cops had to remove his family from the neighborhood because the black rioters were going to destroy the town.
  • This is everything that we predicted for the summer of 2021 coming into view. They’re coming for the suburbs.

This video shows a creepy black man, hunched over and shady as hell, in some white guy’s yard puttering about. The video starts after the man has clearly spent some time trying to get this character out of his yard.

The person who posted it on Twitter writes:

Twitter, I’m told this super douche lives in The Summit in Columbia, South Carolina. If you recognize him, please DM me — I want to make sure the name I have is accurate before I blast it all over social media.

Aside from how insane it is that “canceling” is now spreading to random guys in their front yard – if you watched that video, you’re going to see someone acting like a “douche,” and it’s not the white guy. If this was a person of any race puttering and muttering in your yard like this, you would ask them what was going on (as the man I’m sure did before the video starts), and if they didn’t say they were looking for someone, or that they had some problem, and instead just muttered incoherently as this man is seen doing – you would ask them to leave. If they refused to leave, you would start to escalate the situation.

Particularly if you’re in front of your wife and children, you want to show them that you are capable of defending the home. One thing I’ve realized about millennials is that they didn’t generally have fathers that would act like this. I think that’s a big part of the self-esteem problems, competency problems, and general life failure that we’ve seen in millennial men. My own father definitely had some boomer moments, but one thing I really thank God for is that he was always strong when I was a little kid, and there was never a moment where I felt like some guy could run up on the family. I think that just having that very basic element growing up really makes a big difference in how you develop psychologically.

It’s like the Fight Club line, “our fathers were our models for God,” and if your father didn’t act like a man, then developing masculinity is a serious challenge. (You can do it – don’t think you can’t do it. But you are automatically starting at a disadvantage like the Kamala Harris equity video.)

This man in the video acted in the exactly correct way for a man to act when there is a stranger acting weird in front of his house and the stranger refuses to leave. Throughout the video, you can see basic ape behavior – he puffs up, then calms down, then puffs up again, then calms down. This is normal human confrontational behavior to avoid violence.

The good boy in the video is technically on public property. But we all know the scene – this is one of those grotesque cul-de-sacs where white men have been forced to move because the blacks literally conquered our historic inner cities that our grandpas built. (Editor’s note: they did not “literally conquer” the cities – they were brought in by the US federal government. If it was not for the US federal government, 97% of black Americans would live on farms in the South. These people do not move state to state if not incentivized.)

This black did not in any way belong there, and was clearly there simply to do exactly this: make trouble for white people.

After posting the video, the Twitter account successfully doxed the man.

The doxing happened on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the cops went and swooped him up.

“Jonathan Petland was arrested for assault in the third degree, in reference to the video that we’ve all seen,” said Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott. “It’s a very disturbing video, and one we’re not gonna tolerate or condone in Richland County.”

He continued: “We won’t stand for bullies in our community.”

There it is! There’s your blue lives, arresting a man for defending his family home from some creepy drug-addict loitering in his front yard!

Go protest again in support of the cops, white people. Maybe after one more protest saying how much you love them, they’ll stop siding with dangerous criminals against you and your wife and kids.

Petland is in the military, which immediately threw him under the bus.

Then what happened next? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

“Peaceful protesters” turned up and flooded the cul-de-sac.

Here is some video (starts at 2:44 after showing the initial confrontation video):

The blacks are saying that the white man is a part of a conspiracy against the color of their skin.

Another video, apparently from earlier in the day, shows a black woman in the guy’s yard telling the family to come out.

There’s also video on the local news site, WIS 10.

The local news contains a sentence so absolutely insane that you lose your words:

Yes friend, you’re reading that correctly: a lynch mob in front of a man’s house, screaming at him and throwing bricks through his window is “peaceful protests turned disruptive.”

So what is a “lynch mob,” then?

Well, there is no lynch mob. They redefined a lynch mob, now there is no such thing as a lynch mob.

The man and his family were forced to leave the home, with police protection. But this guy’s life is ruined, forever. Or until this system collapses, which is probably going to happen sooner than “forever.”

So: white women or Jews targeted a random guy on Twitter, posted his personal information, then organized a mob to visit his house in the suburbs.

And hey, guess what happened to the guy who threw the brick through the window? Can you guess what happened to him?

I’ll tell you what happened to him: nothing.

The white man was arrested and charged with a crime, the black mob was allowed to commit violence.

This is a truly shocking development. The particular reason it is so shocking is that no one could have predicted it.

Actually, I did predict exactly this – over and over and over and over again last year.

I said, continually: GET. OUT. OF. THE. CITY.

“The suburbs are not far enough,” said I. “They’re coming to the suburbs in the summer of love 2021.”


They’re here.

They staged this in order to get the video out there, to get the idea out there: “GO TO THE SUBURBS, TYRONE AND SHANIQUA – THAT’S WHERE THE WHITE PPL BE AT.”

In one of the tweets, it is revealed that it was a group of blacks going through the neighborhood. (In the video it sort of looks like the wife is filming it, which is confusing. But no, it was filmed by some other black named Shaedae.)

This is a message sent to the original poster of the video:

(He was just a peaceful walker when he spent 15 minutes loitering in this guy’s front yard and refused to leave. The man was going to kill him because he hated his skin color. This guy flushes the toilet before he stands up after taking a dump, because he really, really hates the color brown. When he has to dress up for a wedding or a funeral? White shoes. Coca-Cola? Nope, only 7-Up. He hates the color brown and wants to kill it.)

This is something that some organization set up. They sent people out to get this footage. You can see other blacks walking in the background.

This event is proof of all the concepts:

  • They can set a white man up in his front yard by sending a black to loiter and filming it
  • Police will arrest white people for defending their homes
  • They can publicize targets through mainstream media and internal BLM networks
  • They can bus in a mob to a white suburb
  • Police will do virtually nothing to disperse the mob, and will instead tell you to leave the home

This is the new game.

It’s a white boy summer.

The upside is: you can go on the Twitter replies of the original tweet doxing this guy, and look at all of the white women celebrating what they’ve done to this poor man, and know that at least one in five of them is going to get gang raped and have their throat slit.

The bad news is: the same is true for your wife and daughters, and young sons for that matter.

We are on the brink of the point where these blacks just start killing white people at random.

We are inches away.

Sure, the cops got this guy and his family out of the home. But what is going to happen when mobs of these orcs are marching into the suburbs – or getting bussed in? What are cops going to do when there’s a thousand blacks on the street in your suburb, and everyone is a target? They’re going to do nothing. The blacks will rob, loot, rape, kill and burn, and the cops will stand there and watch.

But if you harm one little curly hair on a good boy’s burr-head, you’re getting swooped up, arrested, charged, blasted across the TV.

Look – I just know what the deal is. A lot of people are spreading disinformation, or they’re stupid, but I told you this was going to happen. This is happening exactly like I said it would. Antifa-BLM is not going to stop because Biden was elected, and if someone told you that, you need to think about the rest of what they’re telling you.

This is a society on rails. Everything is just steps in a plan, headed towards a destination. The only thing you can do is take care of your own self and your people. The single most important thing is to get out of the city.

Just look for a house or a rental now. Go do it.

This isn’t going to stop.