Freeloaders from India Say They Cross the US Border Because Others are Doing It Too

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2019

America’s human rights approach to the border issue has created a situation where everyone living in third world hellholes seriously considers just walking in to claim their fair share of free stuff.

The American Mirror:

The steady flow of illegal immigrants strolling into the United States from Mexico continues unabated, with large groups including migrants with recent gastric bypass surgery, pregnant women a week away from their due date, and scores of very young children sent on treacherous journey alone.

KGBT’s Sydney Hernandez offered several updates on the immigration situation in the Rio Grande Valley on Wednesday as numerous groups of 50 to 200 migrants marched into the country throughout the day and into the early morning Thursday.

Hernandez reported on a group of dozens migrants from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua apprehended by Border Patrol agents near Sullivan City around 6 p.m., followed by on-the-ground updates from areas near Hidalgo and Mission.

A little after 9 p.m., Hernandez highlighted a different group of about 40 people who crossed the Rio Grande River about a mile from a residential area near Rincon, where they were quickly apprehended and bused to a processing center.

About an hour later, another large group with two pregnant women and several from India crossed near Hidalgo.

This one is a little bit smaller, just about 30, but what makes this group a little bit different is that there were three immigrants from India inside of this group,” Hernandez said. “I tried to speak to them on Google translate just a little bit and they did say they decided to cross … because they saw other people crossing, as well. … The rest of the people are from Central America.”

Monkey see, monkey do. Especially when monkey gets free stuff because “it’s the right thing to do” or whatever Jewish mantra we’re currently using to justify this.

“In this group we do have two pregnant women …, one is eight months and one is four months, so they do have medical staff who is going to attend to them,” she said, pointing out that agents were alerted to the group by a Border Patrol helicopter and greeted them at a gate in the border wall.

Why though? I’d like someone to explain that.

Why should Americans pay for medical aid for the invaders?

Why should American doctors be allowed to help the invaders even if they volunteer?

That would be treason.

We have a self-hating culture that aids the foreigner at the expense of its own people.

This is a virus that affects the mind.

No one can explain why we should be wasting time and resources on comforts for these freeloaders instead of investing efforts in building a wall to prevent this kind of crisis in the first place.

We can’t fix the world’s poverty, misery or suffering by taking these people in.

The only thing that not building a wall and not shooting the invaders accomplishes is to weaken America. It doesn’t raise the living standards anywhere — not even in the United States. On the contrary, it makes everything worse.

This is like those people that just can’t stop adopting stray cats or dogs alleging they feel pity or whatever, and end up turning their houses into filth and getting eaten by the animals they’ve adopted.

America has truly turned into that crazy cat lady that just can’t stop taking all kinds of animals in because puppy eyes and brown children crying.

Following the current trajectory, it’s only a matter of time until Americans are eaten by their diverse-skinned pets.

Time to choose.

You can’t save both.