“Freedom of the Press” – Capitol Hill Revokes Breitbart’s Press Credentials

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2017

Breitbart is chock full of Jews pushing Israeli-First, and there’s lots to criticize them about. With that said, they’re much better than the rest of the MSM, and having them covering Washington criminality is better than nothing.

But once again the hollow abstraction of “freedom of the press,” which Trump was previously “undermining” by criticizing, has not been extended to them. There’s no such thing as a truly free press.

The Week:

Breitbart News has been denied a request for permanent press passes to cover Congress and its current temporary passes, which expire May 31, will not be extended, BuzzFeed News reports. Breitbart has spent the last month petitioning the standing committee of the U.S. Senate Daily Press Gallery for the passes, which serve as a symbol of legitimacy for reporters covering the Hill.

In late March, the committee denied Breitbart’s initial request for permanent passes, citing a need for “more answers” regarding Stephen Bannon’s role with the company. Bannon served as the organization’s former executive chair, and now works as the White House chief strategist. The committee expressed concerns about Bannon’s potentially ongoing involvement in Breitbart, which sparked CEO Larry Solov to send the committee a written masthead purporting to show that Bannon severed ties with the media organization in November. But beyond “us trusting Larry,” a committee member noted that there was no actual evidence proving Bannon had divorced himself from Breitbart.

This is even more evidence of Steve Bannon’s waning influence in President Kushner’s administration. Breitbart was critical of Kushner’s noxious influence on Trump around the time of their pass re-application, the golden Jew boy’s rise coincides with the red tape the Washington cabal is erecting to stop the news portal from covering them.

It always turns my stomach when I hear a conservative talking about the sanctity of our “institutions.” The Congress, the courts, the whole system – it’s rotten with corruption and irredeemable, America needs a widespread revolutionary change.

For that reason, the nation-eating bacteria festering in the swamp doesn’t want Breitbart around. Trump promised us fumigation, instead the rats and roaches have turned his office into Joe’s Apartment.

The ability to transmit meaningful information in the US is for (((members only))).