Freedom Day: UK to Make Coronavirus Face Masks and Social Distancing Voluntary from July 19

This is a setup that follows the pattern we’ve seen since early 2020: ease restrictions a bit in order to say the virus came back stronger and that cases are increasing.

They’re doing this only to have an excuse to go harder with the Virus Regime.

Daily Mail:

Face masks are set to be made voluntary under plans to end most coronavirus restrictions on July 19.

Boris Johnson is pushing for the lifting of mask laws in almost all settings to help return life to ‘as near normal as possible’.

Key social distancing measures, including the one-metre rule, the rule of six and the 30-person limit on the size of outdoor gatherings, are also set to be scrapped on the new ‘Freedom Day’.

The Mail revealed [Thusday] that ministers have shelved plans to require mass events such as festivals to use Covid passports to control entry.

Meanwhile, Europe has already introduced these passports for everything.

But we believe that Brexit is totally real and the UK is no longer on schedule with the globalist agenda?

And last night it emerged that even nightclubs may be allowed to reopen on July 19 without the need to test customers at the door, as part of a new ‘freedom plan’ that could be published by the Prime Minister as soon as next week.

The proposals reflect growing confidence in Government that the vaccination rollout has severely weakened the link between infections, and hospitalisations and deaths.

Asked whether the requirement to wear a mask in shops and offices would go on July 19, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: ‘We aim to remove as many restrictions as is safe to do so.’

Government sources said ‘final decisions’ had not been made, but acknowledged that Mr Johnson is pushing to scrap as many rules as possible.

Some officials remain cautious about scrapping mask laws at a time when new infections are soaring, and Sir Patrick has previously warned that the rules may be needed again this winter, even if they are ditched next month.

A review of social distancing rules by Michael Gove is said to have concluded that even nightclubs, which are deemed so high risk they have been unable to open since March last year, would get the green light to open their doors without restrictions.

A source said Mr Gove had decided it would be ‘too much hassle’ to ask late-night customers to take a Covid test to go dancing.

But Sage committee scientist Professor Stephen Reicher warned that ministers were in danger of making ‘the same mistakes as last summer’ when indoor hospitality was reopened in July, accompanied by a big back to work push, leading to rocketing infections.

Remember: SAGE is a board of psychologists and psychiatrists. Its job is to emotionally and psychologically manipulate you.

The WHO already came out and condemned the UK for this move.

They are saying they will need to go back into lockdown because of the Delta Variant.

None of this will ever end, and when they tell you it will, they’re only trying to build up your hopes to later shatter them.

The coronavirus agenda is about destroying your soul.