#FreeAssange: Albino Wizard May Request Trump Free Him from Embassy Prison

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2016

Julian Assange is a hero and deserves his freedom.

This is one of the main causes I’m planning on pressing in the first 100 days. I don’t know when it makes sense for Trump to actually act, but we need to make sure he has room to do it.


Lawyers for Julian Assange have said they may ask US President-elect Donald Trump to close the criminal investigation into the WikiLeaks co-founder, and hope that Sweden will soon close the probe into allegations of sexual assault.

The Obama administration launched a criminal investigation into WikiLeaks in 2010, following the publication of documents about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars provided by whistleblower Private Bradley Manning.

Sweden made a request for Assange’s extradition in November 2010, due to a criminal complaint filed by two women who accused him of sexual assault. Assange has denied all culpability.

He faces potential charges over consensual trysts with the two women, during a visit to Stockholm to give a public speech in August 2010. Initial accusations were dropped after the statute of limitations expired, but the rape charge is valid until 2020, and could result in a sentence of up to six years in prison.

Assange then sought asylum in Ecuador, and has been trapped at the country’s embassy in London since June 2012. He finally spoke with Swedish investigators on Monday.

Sweden appears to be ready to lift these stupid rape charges (he had sex with a girl who claimed she thought he was wearing a condom when actually he wasn’t and they charged him with rape), and I think Trump probably made a call to make that happen. No other reason for the timing.

I’m certain that Trump won’t fail to free the Albion Wizard. And we will have a celebration.

Without him, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Come to think of it, he may actually make a better press secretary than Alex Jones.

Or maybe they could be like a tag-team duo double press secretary team. Like when Julian is on stage talking to people and starts getting nervousness or social anxiety or whatever this guy has, you could have AJ on the sidelines like “JULIAN TAG ME IN TAG ME IN” and Jones would rush in and start screaming at whoever gave Julian social anxiety.