#FreeAnglin: Following Twitter Ban, Andrew Anglin Goes on Hunger Strike, Demands Shaun King Resign

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2015

How was I supposed to know this wasn't real?
How was I supposed to know this wasn’t real?

As the reader may be aware, I was yesterday banned from Twitter for artistic expression which upset certain Blacks and people who pretend to be Black.

As this banning is without merit, I am hereby declaring myself on hunger strike until my Twitter privileges are restored and Sean King resigns.

Sean King led a Black lynch mob against me on Twitter.

I have been targeted for my race by a fake Black guy. This is unacceptable.

Shaun King is like a f2m tranny attacking women’s rights activists.

I am also demanding that Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, publicly read a hand-written apology to me for the suffering this has caused me.

What I did was in no way worse than what this woman did.
What I did was in no way worse than what this woman did.
And it certainly wasn't as bad as this woman.
And it certainly wasn’t as bad as this woman, who is actually serious.
If Shaun King can be Black, Why can't I?
If Shaun King can be Black, Why can’t I?

Proving a Point

I accomplished what I intended to accomplish with my Twitter campaign using the #Mizzou, #PrayForMizzou and #BlackOnCampus hashtags: I proved that Black people will believe literally anything, and that this is the source of racial tensions in America. Jews in control of the media are telling Blacks things that are not true; they are telling them it is impossible to do anything wrong and every problem they have is someone else’s fault.

Tens of thousands of people retweeted the following claims:

  • The KKK is marching through campus, screaming that they will “kill all niggers”
  • Sam Hyde was arrested for leading a KKK mob, but was quickly released and back on campus
  • A Black teacher was stabbed by the KKK and the cops helped them escape
  • The cops are marching with the KKK and burning crosses
  • The KKK is handing out guns to White students
  • Etc.

It is now officially impossible to argue that Blacks will not, on the whole, believe anything they are told. Note that this is while Shaun King and many others (mostly White, like Shaun King) were telling people that I was lying. This is greatly different than when the Jews stir-up Blacks, as the media which Blacks are exposed to in this country is monolithic, and no other side is ever presented.

When people said that this was a lie, I would either say that the person making the claim was in the KKK (if they were White), or that they enjoyed sex with White cops and were working for them. I would tell other Blacks that I had video of these people having sex with White cops, and they would believe me, and repeat it.

This obviously could have gone on indefinitely. I could still be doing it right now, if I had not had my account suspended. Even with all of the media coming out saying this is not real, I would just say the media is lying, and the overwhelming majority of Blacks on Twitter would believe me.



Furthermore, Manipulation of Brown Hordes Just Got Democratized

Beyond the basic point I was trying to prove, this event has far-reaching implications with regards to the future of internet activism – as well as a potential to be used for evil.

The secret is out that armies of brown people can be manipulated on a large scale, with minimal outside input – for whatever reason people want to do that – using Twitter.

What I did was something that anyone could have done. All you have to do is go on Twitter and claim you are Black, then start making outrageous, emotionally-charged claims. You could, very easily, start all sorts of fiascoes this way.

This can also, absolutely, be used against Moslem immigrant populations in Europe. That would actually be easier, as all you would have to do is circulate some claim about an insult to Islam being done by whomever you wished to target.

Along with this, many African countries are now getting cheap smartphones that have Twitter. In the future, one person could stage a revolt the government of an African country using Twitter.

I am not telling anyone to do this, or that I’m going to do it – it would be illegal – I am merely saying that it is demonstrated that it is possible, so it will eventually happen.

The illegality would probably be when it went into the real world on purpose, which would probably be by the troll saying “people are meeting at such and such a place to protest.”

No one can be stopped from doing this. They can be blocked, but whoever did it would have already set up multiple accounts, and be ready for blocking, then use the blocking as proof of whatever their initial disinformation was. In fact, all attempts by authorities to call out disinformation can be used to fuel the initial malicious disinformation itself, as outrage against authority is the goal.

Twitter is unique in presenting this opportunity, as it is simple enough for Blacks and other colored people to use, and also contains in its foundational idea of the propagation of viral memes.

This is the exact methodology that the Western intelligence agencies used to foment the “Arab Spring.” Now, the method is available to anyone. Presumably, Western governments are going to have to ban Twitter.

Memories of Glory

Wish I would have taken more screenshots. But I will always have my memories.

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