Free Stormer Pork BBQ in Kentucky! Everyone Invited!

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2018

The Department of Agriculture estimates that 30-40% of the US food supply is lost to waste – and that doesn’t even take into account the amount eaten by food stamp recipients and fat people. As a website of peace and love, we’re always looking for new ways to raise awareness of environmental issues such as these, while promoting community-building activities in a positive, nazi-accepting environment.

A large scale food-wasting event was recently brought to our attention, one which had been deliberately planned by vegan terrorists, hoping to celebrate their hatred of life which is the natural conclusion of their soy-induced homosexuality and birth control overdose.

Many people remember the Polk pigs back in 2016, there is now a situation that is 4 TIMES larger. 458 pigs in Kentucky…

Gepostet von Pig Advocates League am Sonntag, 26. August 2018

Their poor souls, guys.

Think about what it would mean for them if they died without being able to complete their purpose in life – to be cooked into delicious gentile food. This would have terrible implications for their karma, and could result in them being reincarnated as even lower form of life, such as Laura Loomer.


It’s one of the biggest pig rescue efforts the country has ever seen, according to Alana Rogers of Pigs Advocates League.

Alana Rogers, a pig who advocates for women.

The non-profit and several other animal rescues are working against a deadline to find homes for 458 smaller pigs (50-200 lbs.) before the state of Kentucky seizes the animals and euthanizes them.

This dire situation started innocently enough.

“Several years ago a woman started taking in pigs to help. By early 2016, she had taken in several rescue pigs that were pregnant and the litters began. Miniature pigs are able to breed very early — 8 weeks for males, as early as 12 weeks for females. The fencing was not adequate to keep the males and females separated, and after several years, her few pigs turned into 458,” Rodgers told PEOPLE in an email.

Eventually those pigs started to cause problems — destroying property on neighboring farms — and complaints. Authorities, responding to the complaints, arrived at the Kentucky property and found dozens of pigs roaming free. It is illegal to release a pig into the wild in Kentucky; because of this the Kentucky Fish & Wildlife division stepped in and cited the woman for having more than 100 unconfined pigs and seized all the animals. 

Officials from Kentucky Fish & Wildlife contacted a local pig sanctuary, Atti’s Acres, for help with the animals. The sanctuary convinced the authorities to give them the opportunity to place the pigs, currently in state custody, before the animals were euthanized.

Atti’s Acres quickly realized that the task was too big to be done alone, especially when many of the pigs were emaciated and in need of medical care, including maternal aid. Plus, the state has required that all of the animals be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and in possession of a health certificate from the vet before they are adopted out.

A bit on the skinny side – better adopt two.

Working with their contact, Atti’s Acres formed a dedicated team to save these pigs and give them a second chance.

“With the help of Red Oak Animal Rescue, Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary, Ziggy’s Refuge and Pig Advocates League we have worked to contain the animals in fencing, coordinate volunteers, screen adoption applications, and fundraise for this huge operation,” Rogers said of where things currently stand.

Meanwhile, we’re coordinating transport of charcoal, grills, knives, bone saws, whiskey, potatoes and sauerkraut. If we all pull in together, we can do this, guys.

The pig rescue team has until Oct. 14 to find suitable placement for all of the pigs; the animals remaining at that date will be euthanized by Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, unless the division decides to extend the deadline.

The President of the Pig Advocates League – pretty much what you’d expect.

The good news is that the team has already received numerous adoption offers and donations to help give these animals a new life. Of course, there is still plenty more to be done: The cost of this rescue operation will likely exceed $100,000 and, after the pregnant pigs give birth, there will be 500 pigs to place.

What they don’t know, is that multiple of these adoption offers have come from the fine Stormer Book Club lads we have in Kentucky.

I guess the subtext to this is that, apparently, there are mostly white childless women who describe themselves as “pig parents” on the internet, who think that pigs are babies, and organize to adopt them. Also, I guess people will donate lots of money to them, instead of spending that money on people. This is probably some symptom of end-stage social decay and mass hysteria which forebodes the apocalypse.

If these women would just have babies they would lose interest in pigs, so readers should probably read about stealthing and understand local laws about that.

The thing is, though – whatever. I read about crazy people on the internet every day, and I also get hungry every day, so the part of this story where I can get some free BBQ is way more interesting than these crazy vegan sluts.

If you’re not part of the Stormer Book Clubs, don’t worry about it – you’re still invited to the BBQ, courtesy of whoever donates money to “pig rescue operations.” If shitlibs want to give you free meat, why say no?

Just contact them, act like a vegansexual or whatever they think they are, and tell them you want to adopt a pig. Get together with your friends, fire up the grill and have a slaughter party. If you’ve never done this sort of thing before – good. You should learn now, before the coming apocalypse. It’s not hard – just follow the steps here and here. Adopt plenty of piggies, so that you can fill up your freezer and send your friends some cuts for their freezers, too.