Fredo Says He is Hurt by Trump Spokesthot! Emotional Feelings May Never Mend!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 29, 2019

CNN is a circus show, and Fredo “Chris” Cuomo is the unhinged ringleader. Fueled by steroids and Modafinil, he keeps things rolling at an ultra pace as he seeks to dazzle the gullible goyim who watch these shows.

He recently invited into his big top Kayleigh McEnany, a Donald Trump spokesperson, and berated her ridiculously with claims that Trump is a “liar.”

This otherworldly sideshow event took place after Trump claimed that he called out Puerto Rico as a third world shithole.

Fredo claimed that this was a “lie,” even whilst it is an obvious fact.

He also went into Rachel Maddow tinfoil territory and start rambling about tax returns and the Russian conspiracy. He also claimed that the press in America is “free,” which is the stupidest lie of all. He can tell that to the Daily Stormer or Infowars, both of whom his network campaigned to have shut down.

Trump is a liar, but the thing he lied about is that he would put America first, when in actuality he is intent on putting Israel first.

At the end of the interview, Fredo quite bizarrely began to speak about his feelings, claiming that Spokesthot McEnany had “hurt” him.

“Although you may have hurt me tonight in inviting you back because if you can’t admit that he lied, these people are never going to believe you about anything,” Cuomo stated weirdly.

The thot told him to look in the mirror, and he said “I do and I don’t like these lines,” pointing to the bags under his eyes.

So in a brief interview, he admitted to both emotional instability and narcissism. These were unprompted admissions. This sort of “angrily pour your heart out without being asked to” behavior is always characteristic of steroid users, and it is not socially appropriate.

Although who actually knows what is socially appropriate anymore?

Frankly, I don’t.