Freaks, Faggots, and Marxist Losers Hold “Sh*t-In” to Demand Gender Neutral Bathrooms, Tell Others to Check Their “Potty Privilege”

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2015

Get used to it, White cisgender heterosexual man. It's 2015.
Get used to it, White cisgender heterosexual man. It’s 2015.

The members freaks of California Polytechnic University’s Queer Student Union have organized a rather ridiculous protest in favor of “gender neutral bathrooms”—they call it a “shit-in.”

Campus Reform:

“Put yourself in the shoes of a trans*/gender non-conforming student and take the pledge to use only all gender bathrooms,” states the group’s Facebook page.

According to the petition, the public university in San Luis Obispo, Calif. currently has seventeen all-gender bathrooms, but only five are “reasonably accessible, leaving non-cisgender students with a paltry amount of options when it comes to using the bathroom.”

“When we’re talking about inclusive practices, policies and facilities for transgender and non-gender-conforming students, one of the first things that comes up is access to restrooms,” QSU’s club adviser Adam Serafin told Cal Poly’s Mustang News. “And what’s behind that is access to a safe place to use a restroom. Somewhere that is emotionally safe, but also physically safe for students.”

In addition to encouraging students to sign their petition, QSU members constructed a mock toilet in the school’s University Union Thursday that was accompanied by a large sign stating “we’ve got shit to deal with.” Passersby who were asked to sign the toilet in support of all-gender bathrooms wrote a range of messages including, but not limited to: “Get your shit together, Cal Poly” and “Poop equality.”

Event organizers advised non-transgender students to “check [their] potty privilege” and carried around signs that declared “going to the bathroom shouldn’t be a source of anxiety.”

No, this is unfortunately not a joke. If this isn’t evidence that the forces of Hades have overran us, then I don’t know what is.

Nothing is a surprise nowadays. Nothing should be shocking about this. This is the reality of 21st century American universities—they are nothing more than indoctrination centers teeming with faggots, feminists, transgender activists, and other Marxist rubbish.