Fraudsters Close Trump Lead in Pennsylvania

Bringing in the fraud vote in Pennsylvania, the Jewish establishment there is closing the legitimate Donald Trump lead with fake votes.

Trump has gone from a double digit lead when 85% of the vote was in to a 0.5% lead now that 94% of the vote is in. This is an incredible margin, which is not even a little bit realistic.

This is a secret count. They’re bringing in black trash bags full of fake votes.

A judge ordered the counters to allow Republican observers within six feet of the counters, and they refused to honor the judge’s orders.

Of course, the six feet doesn’t matter now. The fix is already in. You can watch now. It’s over.

The state is going to be officially given to Joe Biden. Probably that will happen on Friday.

That will mean that the media will start calling Joe Biden “President Elect.”

They will then shut down Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

What do we do then?

Well, we’re going to have to figure that out.