Fraud is Completely Out of Control Across the Entire Country – We Bear Witness!

Bear witness!

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The amount of documentation of fraud in this election is quite frankly overwhelming.

No one has ever seen anything like this.

Firstly, we need to understand: unsolicited ballots were mailed to every person in most of these states. Some people got a bunch of ballots. We have heard all kinds of irregularities about that. Democrat operatives were just going around and picking these ballots up and filling them out. There was no requirement of signature verification.

So, before we even went to the polls, the fix was totally in. I do not believe that Democrats voted in the biggest numbers in history for Joe Biden – that makes absolutely zero sense. Yes, some people really hate Donald Trump, but the idea that Biden got the biggest numbers ever – this simply is not believable. This is fraud from the very start with these mail-in ballots.

But then, on election night, they realized that the fraud they’d already done wouldn’t be enough – Trump people were coming out in such massive numbers, that they were overwhelming all of the fraud! So, they simply shut it down. They literally screamed: “SHUT IT DOWN.”

Many states simply stopped counting the ballots. Then we heard, and saw pictures and video, of all of these new ballots being brought in.

This situation is insane.

Twitter is deleting as fast as they can, but they are being overwhelmed by documentation of this fraud.

All of these videos I’m about to show you are going to be deleted soon, so save them if you can.

We now have video of people working at ballot counting facilities filling out ballots and stamping them.

Is this fake???

It’s unconfirmed, but it sure looks real!

Don Jr. retweeted one of those videos – and the copy he posted was immediately deleted.

Filling out more ballots:

This is why we’re not allowed to observe!

There are also videos of people destroying ballots!

Local media in Detroit is reporting on some of the scams going on there:

In Philly, they will not allow observers within 30 to 100 feet! I wonder why!

Look at this – in California, they’re still picking up ballots!

That video is from Thursday!

Are other states doing this???

All evidence also points to dead people voting on a mass scale!

Look at this:

I knew the dead could dance, but I didn’t know they could vote!

The dead should not be allowed to vote! They’re dead!

This guy voted twice in Philadelphia (and he was not even registered there):

Look at how the Jew media is framing this:


A Jew reporter assaulted Rick Grenell in Nevada, saying he has no evidence!

We having nothing but evidence, Jew!

We have all of the evidence!

This is ridiculous now!

Laura Ingraham covered the hoax.

This guy from Students for Trump is on it:

No one is going to accept these results.

Ted Cruz is thankfully also calling for transparency.

Many Republicans, however, are remaining silent.

Why does Joe Biden not want this process to be open? Why is he not calling for observers to be allowed into the counting offices? Does he really want to become president with half the country calling it fraud? If he’s comfortable that he’s going to win, then why is he supporting this ridiculous lack of transparency?

Instead of addressing that, Joe Biden’s people are sending an idea to go attack people who are opposing voter fraud on the streets!

Let us see the counting!