Fraternities and Sororities Suing Harvard for Discrimination Against Sexclusive Groups

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2018

So this is the opposite of what you’d think. It’s the single-sex groups suing gender neutral Harvard for going hard to attempt to shut them down.

Fox News:

Several fraternities and sororities are suing Harvard University over a 2016 rule that discourages students from joining single-gender clubs.

Two fraternities and two sororities filed a lawsuit against Harvard in Boston’s federal court on Monday, while another sorority sued the school in Massachusetts state court.

The lawsuits say Harvard’s rule discriminates against students based on their sex and spreads negative stereotypes about students who join all-male or all-female groups.

The rule says students in single-gender social clubs can’t lead campus organizations or sports teams, and the school won’t endorse them for fellowships.

It was meant to curb secretive all-male groups that the school previously accused of having misogynistic attitudes, but it also prompted some fraternities and sororities to close or go co-ed.

It wasn’t meant to curb secretive groups, or solve any problem that exists. It was meant to push a progressive social-engineering agenda.

It’s so crazy to watch how there are all of these agendas that they are just sitting around waiting to shove through, and sometimes they push too soon and get a backlash.

The plan is to completely abolish any form of identification with sex – or, as they call it, “gender” – and Harvard was supposed to lead the nation in abolishing fraternities and sororities.

The thing about these groups is that they are designed as lifelong membership organizations. The Ivy League schools have frats that tie you into a professional network when you get out of school that is almost like being Jewish. And there is this whole swearing of oaths thing, etc. They build loyalty in people to each other.

So if you’re in your 40s through your 90s, and you hear that Harvard just shut down your fraternity because they’re banning all groups that are sex segregated as part of a social-engineering agenda to eliminate the concept of biological sex from society, you’re going to be angry and confounded, even if you’re a liberal.

I have a hard time believing anyone actually believes in the whole “gender identity” thing. I think it’s something that people go along with because they know they’re supposed to go along with it. Maybe you can train children to accept this from an early age, but you can’t tell a guy in his 50s “oh yes, we just realized this but in fact although you are born gay, you can choose your gender, and this does not correlate with your genitalia – furthermore, trannies are not mentally ill and are in fact actually normal.”

The reason you can get people to go along with something so bizarre is that it is outside of any individual’s normal experience. If the entire media told everyone “you are an evil person if you don’t believe that there are glowing elves riding on dinosaurs on Jupiter,” liberals would be like “yeah sure okay guy, I believe whatever you say I believe.” Just so, trannies.

But then it starts effecting real life, they shut down your frat – all of the sudden it isn’t just a dumb, bizarre article of faith.