France’s Top Intellectual Assaults White Nationalist During “Debate” Over Islam

Daily Stormer
December 9, 2016

The French are master debaters. And if for some reason they lose, they’ll just kick your ass out of spite afterwards.

Something really great happened in France this Tuesday.

But I’ll need to explain a few things first, to set the stage.


Alain Soral.

First, this guy. Nationalist author and public figure, Alain Soral.

He’s big in France. Really big.


6.6 million unique visits per month. For a French language site, that’s ridiculous.

He’s probably the most influential intellectual in France, though he’s an ardent promoter of Jew-hate, so he’s shut out of the establishment more or less completely.

The only problem? He promotes this weird line that “Jews are a common enemy we share with Moslems, so we need to reconcile with the latter and live in happy symbiosis” or whatever. Thus, a large part of his support base is young Moslems who hate Jews.

You might be thinking, “what kind of weak-sauce Nazism is this? Anti-Jew, but pro-Moslem? wtf!” And you’d be right.


This is the official Nazi position, in case you were wondering.

But not everyone in France supports this bizarre notion of creating an alliance with the people who are pulling Charlies left and right on the French population.


This guy gets it. He hates both Moslems and Jews… er, I mean “Zionists.”

Daniel Conversano is a Frenchman of Italian origin (for the record, he said he’d gladly go back to Italy after the formation of the French ethnostate, if asked. Talk about being principled, lol). He describes himself as a National Socialist, and is a pretty cool guy (I was on his show back in september, and we agreed on pretty much everything).

And the final actor in this event is Dieudonné M’Balla M’Balla, the most popular comic in France, and possibly one of the most loved public figures in the country. That doesn’t stop him from being arrested every week for “incitement to hatred” or “holocaust denial” or other nonsense charges.

Dieudonne: The one Black guy who actually didn't do nothing is constantly getting sent to prison.

This guy has a Daily Stormer-tier hatred for the Kikes. And he makes, like, huge theatrical productions about it. Great stuff.

Dieudonné organized a debate between our man Conversano and the Moslem-loving pseudo-Nazi Soral, where they would debate whether it’s possible for Moslems to integrate into French society and be our allies against the Jew.

But before this debate took place, Soral made a post on his Facebook page telling his followers that mosque attacks were taking place because of Conversano’s hateful rhetoric. This essentially was telling his horde of Moslem followers to target Conversano for violent retribution.

Not cool.

As soon as the debate started, Conversano remarked about this, saying that Soral “unleashed his horde of Maghrebins on me.” This seriously ticked off Soral, who demanded to be “respected.” Conversano said he didn’t respect him. And then…

Mufuguh, yo got’s to gib respec’, or I gonna put a cap up yo’ ass!

Soral, who’s a boxer, proceeds to punch Conversano repeatedly, until he’s stopped by security. Conversano, who’s unphased, continues debating. Pretty bad ass.

At some point, he says “we’re sick of these Arabs!” which prompts Soral to assault him a second time, this time kicking him below the belt. He then storms off the set.

What followed was really amazing. Dieudonné just continues the conversation and debate with Daniel Conversano, who’s all bloodied up, but appears pretty cool nonetheless. This guy’s tough as nails.


Yes, this happened. It seems like 2016’s bountiful harvest isn’t exhausted yet.

The interview with Dieudonné was also pretty great. Since most of you don’t speak French (hey, nobody’s perfect), I’ll give you some highlights. Keep in mind, this will potentially be heard by hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people.

Conversano explained that reconciliation with Moslems is impossible, because they’re breeding faster than Europeans. Thus, even if we had “peace,” it would still result in White Genocide. He said the only real solution is separation, and ethnic nationalism.

Dieudonné agreed with this, and said that if Whites agreed to leave African countries alone, non-Whites should all go back home. He said even he would go back. He was referring specifically to French interventionism in Black Africa and northern Africa. He mentioned that France helped overthrow Gaddafi, who was a nationalist leader.

"Option b"

Of course, it was the Jews who had him killed.

Thus, they both agreed that it was better if Whites and others go their own ways, and that all this immigration was a plot to destroy the west.

Dieudonné also agreed that it was unacceptable that Whites aren’t allowed to be proud of who they are. He also mentioned that he thought American Blacks should go back to Africa.

Conversano pushed the point that Blacks have lower IQ, and thus they won’t be able to make it as “nice” in Africa as it is in the west. Dieudonné was like, “hey, worry about White people, and I’ll worry about Blacks. Maybe we won’t make Africa as “sophisticated” as Europe, but we’ll have our own lifestyle.”

Great stuff.


Dieudonné, bro, if you can sell this plan to the Blacks, we’ll make you king of Africa. No joke.

This potentially marks a great shift in the “right-wing” scene in France. Soral was basically the spiritual father of the whole French right movement (even Conversano admits that he had a great influence on him).

However, his reputation is probably going to suffer a great blow after this. He basically threw a fit, assaulted his debate opponent and then left the stage. Meanwhile, the “evil, racist Nazi” could explain his ideas to Dieudonné’s audience, with a lot of support from the Black comic.

I might be wrong about this, but I believe Dieudonné knew this would happen and did this because he wanted Daniel’s message to spread, instead of Soral’s. He’s a Christian, and I don’t think he wants to see France being Islamized.

Hopefully, this marks the rise of real ethnic nationalism in France.

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