France: Yellow Vests Turn Attention to ‘Collaborator’ Media

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2019

Usually, collaborators collaborate with an occupation force.

That’s just the context in which such a word gets used.

If they Yellow Vests are using such terminology, that means they’re thinking of the government as illegitimate and as an occupation government, not a government of the French people. And this also means we are one more word association away from the French calling their government the Jewish Occupation Government. I believe it is called “JOG” for short.


Anti-government protesters turned out in Paris and other French cities for the seventh Saturday running, as activists called for direct democracy — to take power out of the hands of political elite — and protested against the mainstream media.

As in previous weeks, many protestors carried placards with the abbreviation ‘R.I.C.’ — “Citizens’ Initiative Referendum”, a demand for popular referendums that would be automatically triggered by any referendum calling for a change in government policy getting 700,000 signatures.

The route of Saturday’s march took hundreds of protestors to the doors of mainstream French television stations, which the Yellow Vests accuse of having aligned themselves with President Macron against the French people. 

The media likes to position itself as the champion of democracy. The only problem is that the people hate the media. And in a democracy, the role of the media is to control what the mass of people are allowed to think. When people have the power to vote, they are too dangerous to be allowed to think freely.

Opinion has to be corralled into acceptable camps. Or political parties.

The more free and democratic your society, the tighter it has to be controlled by the media. 

Certain fundamental concepts can’t be open to critique and challenge. Foreign policy, the structure of the economy and basic shared civic virtues have to be commonly accepted. Eventually, the parties and the national debate devolves into a debate over details.

You let the people choose, but you limit the range of acceptable decisions. 

Ideally, you can corral people into two centrist parties that barely differ from one another.

Mass democracy cannot exist without the mass media controlling opinions. If the people want fundamental structural change in the system, they will quickly find that it is the media that holds the keys to power. Unelected opinion makers who have graduated elite universities and live in parallel communities decide what is acceptable and what is not acceptable discourse in a mass democracy.

The politicians themselves are at the mercy of the media – which can make or break them.

And the media itself, while operating on its own as an independent agency, is also reliant on funds from oligarchs or the state to continue its operations.

Short of storming the private mansions of the oligarchs themselves, attacking the media is the closest thing to hitting the enemy where it hurts that street protestors can do. The target is much softer, the effect more visible.

Future demonstrations need to take this fundamental reality into account. 

Marching on the White House, or on the Capital or wherever… that’s not really going to do much. Marching on the offices of your local Judeo-Globo-Homo rag… now that’s a smart, effective and powerful move.

The hate for the Journalist Class is growing – sped along in the US by the journalists’ emerging role as doxers and Gestapo/NKVD agents for the establishment.

There is now an entire specific category of journalist – the Journifa – who’s role it is to use terror and intimidation tactics on hapless White citizens, to serve as a deterrent to others. These thugs go around smiting people at random and making normal people paranoid that they might be next.

As much as I dislike the coppers, I can’t even put them in the same camp as the Journifa.

The cops are just a blunt, low-IQ and psychopathic tool of terror. The Journifa are the surgical, middling-IQ and ideologically motivated tools of terror.

And I would much rather get into a street war with the latter, rather than the former.