France: Vibrant Riots Engulf Paris After Sports Match

Many of you might not remember this, but back in the day, millions of men in uniforms would get mobilized around the world every weekend in order to stop mostly indistinguishable people from cracking each other’s skulls over support for different sports teams.

Some people would point at that and say that that’s proof of humanity’s inherent tribalism, and that having a diverse society inherently increases violence and conflict.

Those are evil people who don’t like fun.


Paris police arrested 148 people as Paris Saint-Germain soccer fans clashed with officers and smashed cars and store windows after the club lost the Champions League final in Lisbon.

Hundreds of fans were also fined for not wearing masks, a Paris police spokesman said Monday.

City Hall urged fans to get tested for the virus, as France sees a resurgence in virus infections. Senior Paris City Hall health official Anne Souyris said Monday on France-Info radio that PSG fans who gathered in groups “should go get a test” at one of the city’s mobile labs.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin wrote on Twitter that 16 police officers were injured in the Sunday night skirmishes. Police did not have estimates on injuries among the soccer fans.

PSG was hoping to join Marseille as the only French club to win Europe´s elite soccer competition, but lost to Bayern Munich 1-0. The defeat was met with huge celebrations in Marseille, where fans cheered and let off flares and fireworks.

Riot police used tear gas to disperse fans gathered outside the club´s stadium. PSG beamed the match on two giant screens at Parc des Princes, with 5,000 fans allowed inside in keeping with the maximum allowed for soccer games in France as part of virus protection measures.

Diversity has a lot of misgivings, but you have to admit it really does make sports more exciting than it would normally be.

And isn’t that worth sacrificing your country for?

You think it’s an accident Brazil has more World Cups than any other country in the world?