France: Vibrant and Enriching Riots Break Out After Moslem Girl Refused to Remove Veil So Police Can Identify Her

Daily Stormer
April 24, 2018

The police are clearly in the wrong here. Where do they get the right to ask a Moslem girl to remove her headscarf to identify her off a photo ID?

Don’t they remember the holocaust and crusades?


A deprived district of Toulouse, France has been rocked by two nights of furious riots, triggered by the arrest of a woman who refused to remove her Islamic full-face veil for police. Some 18 people were arrested.

Hundreds of police units were deployed after young residents threw stones, torched cars and set fire to garbage cans, police told the AFP. The clashes began on Sunday afternoon in the Toulouse district of Bellefontaine after a woman wearing a full-face veil – which is illegal in France – was stopped by the police for an identity check.

She allegedly showed a poor-quality photocopy of her identity card and refused to lift her veil to let police officers see her face. After several futile attempts to have her lift the veil, the woman began to scream for help, France Info reports.

She was placed under arrest and moved into a police vehicle. Soon after, a group of about 30 people circled the police and attacked them. Officers attempted to quell the crowd by discharging their weapons and used tear gas launcher.

Along with the disturbances in Bellefontaine, there were also riots in Mirail and the neighboring district of Reynerie, which also began on Sunday evening. It’s believed the riots are connected to the suicide of a prisoner incarcerated in Seysses near Toulouse, who was found hanged in his cell on Saturday.

Remember: After enough of these riots, the French will eventually rise up and there will be a race war.

Just one more riot maybe and then it’s Le Turner Diaries, right?

Right increasingly nervous accelerationist guy, right?

RaHoWa is just around the corner, we just need more immigrants and more leftist politicians… then comes the big rise up…

Oh yeah, you betcha boy, it’s coming – you better believe it.

I think that girl in that meme right there is actually an IDF soldier, but the trve National Socialist revolution is coming, just as soon as things get bad enough, oh yeah it is.